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Released: 2000
Director: Silvio Bandinelli
Notes: Showtime, DVD Colmax, DVD Tabu
Notes and Reviews

The credits show 9 actresses. Two are identifiable by their names - Ursula Cavalcanti and Luce. There are five sex roles - Ursula Cavalcanti, Luce, Chrystal, Gabi Black and Lisa Pinelli. Three females - Chrystal, Gaby Black and Liza Pinelli - are credited, in no particular order, on screen as Olga Valli, Nicky Vickers and Natalie Bonnard, and on the cover as Bettina Dole, Gabriella Pagni and Nancy Smith. It is not clear who is meant to be who. A Judith Engel is credited on the cover, but again it is not clear to whom this name refers. There are many more girls appearing in non-sex roles including Marina Akta (a brief, non-sex appearance) and a girl credited as Maria who appears in a non-sex role and is probably Dominican.

Information from Texxx.

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