< Le Casalinghe P... gli stalloni

Released: 1994 ?
Director: Joe d'Amato (as?)
Alternate Titles
  • Le Casalinghe e gli stallone del sud same film? probably an 80s film by Pierre Unia
  • Le Casalinghe Preferiscono gli stalloni Dir. given as Reine Pirau on a poster same film?
  • The Housewife and her Stallion
Notes and Reviews

Males (1994 title) -

  • Ron Jeremy
  • Rocco Siffredi

Males (1987 title) -

  • Christian Grovard (Ghislain Grouard aka Ghislain Garet?)

This is something of a mystery film (or two films - see below). Imdb attributes it to Joe d'Amato as director with a date of 1994 and the cast Marie-Christine Chireix, Miss Pomodoro, Ron Jeremy and Rocco Siffredi. A poster exists for a movie with the title Le Casalinghe preferiscono gli stallone which gives the director as Reine Pirau, an alias of Pierre Unia, who is not known to have had any association with Joe d'Amato. However, the listing for this poster on amazon, perhaps deriving information and making assumptions from the imdb listings, gives the same cast but does not mention a director.

There is an Italian video, released in 1987, called Le Casalinghe e gli stallone del sud which gives the cast as "Plat Ghislaine, Grovard Christian, Chirex Christine (Marie-Christine Chireix)" and the diretor as "Una Pierre (Joe D'Amato)".

The strongest reason to think that there has been some considerable confusion here is that Marie-Christine Chireix did not work in the business beyond the mid-80s. There are several possible explanations for the confusion such as mis-identification of performers, incorrect assumptions and identifications, Joe d'Amato using old Unia footage in a new film and the possibility of an Italian re-release with stolen title and credits.

However, perhaps the most likely explanation is that people have wrongly conflated two different films from the similarity of their titles, assumed that Reine Pirau was one of the many aliases of Joe d'Amato (the seller of the Italian VHS of 1987), and assumed that M-C Chireix appeared in the later film when she didn't or that Miss Pomodoro, Ron Jeremy and Rocco Siffredit appeared in the earlier film when they didn't (the seller of the poster on amazon). The VHS cover and the poster have similarities of theme, but slightly different titles.

Furthermore, unless it is another example of fake credits, the Italian 1987 VHS could well be a release of one of Unia's 1983 films featuring Ghislaine Plat and Marie-Christine Chireix - Petites mouilleuses pour gros calibres or Soumises et sodomisées elles aiment ça or some as yet undiscovered title.

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