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Released: 1983
Director: Alan Vydra (Gérard Kikoïne as Alex Bakara credited in French version for legal reasons)
Notes: Lincoln Productions, also features Sharon Kane (as Shirley Woods or as Sharon, non-sex), Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards and John Seeman (non-sex) (iafd), French version 62 mins., German 70 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Bordel pour femmes Blue One / Alpha France DVD title, 1:00:46, with Les Délices du tossing and Hôtel pour jeunes filles
  • Girls Girls Girls 2
  • Girls Girls Girls Teil 2 Germany, Tabu DVD release
  • Girls, Girls, Girls Part 2 on-screen title Tabu DVD
  • Mädchen Mädchen Mädchen Teil II West Germany, Beate Uhse Video
  • Cathy Stewart as Catharine, plays Cathy, a client
  • Doucheka plays an habituée
  • Elisabeth Buré as Eliza or as Elisabeth, plays Élisabeth, the intermediary (l'entremetteuse)
  • Julia Perrin as Julia, plays the shoplifter (la voleuse)
  • Marie-Thérèse da Silva as Marie-Therese, plays the housemaid to Richard Lumière
  • Marilyn Jess plays Mme Lumière
  • XNK2824 first scene of German release, non-sex, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK2825 first scene of German release, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK2826 first scene of German release, non-sex, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK2827 first scene of German release, simulated sex, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK2829
  • XNK2830 gang-banged woman
  • XNK3913 first scene of German release, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK7664 first scene of German release, non-sex, not in French version, almost certainly American
  • XNK7665 first scene of German release, non-sex, not in French version, almost certainly American
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Joey Silvera, as Joey Nassivera, plays one of the two Americans
  • Eric Edwards plays, as Rob Edwards, one of the two Americans
  • John Seeman, as John, plays a casting director in san Francisco (not in French version)
  • Dominique Aveline plays the owner of an antique shop, "l'antiquaire"
  • Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan), as Richard, plays Richard Lumière
  • Jacques Marbeuf, gang bang scene, plays "l'homme en smoking" (man in the tuxedo)
  • Dominique Irissou, gang bang scene
  • Pjotr Stanislas, as Piotr, gang bang scene, plays "le rocker"
  • Guy Royer, as Guy, gang bang scene, plays "l'homme gominé" (the man with slicked-down hair)
  • Carmelo Petix plays "le fiancé"
  • Jacques Couderc, gang bang scene but non-sex, plays "le clochard" (the homeless man)

French porn comedy about two charming Americans in Paris who desperately try to earn some money for their journey home. Their odyssey starts in a casting agency where they pretend to be filmproducers from Hollywood looking for fresh faces from the modeling world. One of the gathered girls (XNK3913) performs a handstand. With her legs spread widely she takes a cigar into her pussy in front of the astonished audience. The owner (John Seeman) then has some (faked) sex with a blonde girl (XNK2827) in his office as Joey Silvera fucks a black girl on a sofa (XNK2825). (This casting sequence is mostly pre-credits in the German version and was shot in San Francisco. It is not in the French version.)

Elisabeth Buré runs an antique shop which offers a very special service for the female customers. During the job interview the male canditates must drop down their pants to have their genitals examined.

Cathy Stewart can hardly wait to test the two Americans. Joey takes her missionary before they move to cowgirl style with her stroking him off on her belly.

Meanwhile Dominique Aveline catches delicious Julia Perrin stealing. Taking advantage of the situation the bad guy starts undressing and touching her perfect body. Totally naked, the shy girl kneels down for some oral pleasure. Next she saddles up for a cowgirl ride before he takes her doggy style and splatters her back with his cum.

The next client is already waiting. Doucheka lifts up her dress to reveal her beautiful legs and pussy. Joey then carries her over to an armchair. After some pussy licking they move to various positions and in the end he pumps huge streams of jizz across her firm ass cheeks.

Marilyn Jess picks up the guys on her motor bike and brings them to a manor-house. Their arrival is watched by the masturbating house maid. Marilyn, Joey and Eric have a threesome as Richard Lemieuvre bangs the maid. Finally Marilyn takes a weak cumshot between her breasts.

Richard then rings up another guy who is occupied with a beautiful blonde (XNK2989). After banging her she jerks him off on her face and breasts.

The guys have got no further when they are accosted by a mature dark-haired woman (XNK2830) near the Moulin Rouge. She leads them to a sexshop where they go down into the cellar. She lays down on an old wooden desk which Joey covers with an old dirty tablecloth. Then he guides his cock into her pussy until a small load covers her pubic hair. Still horny she damands more cocks. Joey collects more and more guys from the street until the cellar is really crowded. Jacques Marbeuf is the next one who covers her with a load followed by a younger guy who's accompanied by his mother. The actors and the audience have to pay an entrance fee. Pjotr Stanislas and Guy Royer then finish the scene.


The on-screen credits on the Tabu DVD are as follows: Joey Nassivera and Rob Edwards (on the first screen), then Gaby, Julia (Perrin), Dominique, Catharine (Stewart?), Eliza (Buré?), Frank, Christine, Penelope, Tracy, Cherie, Piotr (Stanislas), Marie-Therese (da Silva), Guy (Royer), Sharon (Kane), Heidi, Brenda, John (Seeman), Elisabeth (Buré?), Richard (Lemieuvre) and Anton. Some of these may well be fictional, but some can be allocated. However, 'Dominique' could refer to D. Aveline, D. Irissou or Dominique Troyes (Marilyn Jess).

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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