< Confessioni proibite di Dalila

Released: 1995
Director: Davide Contessa as Nicky Ranieri
Notes: Nicky Ranieri Entertainment Group
Alternate Titles
  • Komm! Goldlight
  • Viva Dalila DVD Colmax, French, English
Notes and Reviews

Bernadette Manfredi is not present and the name Monika Hermont is not included in the opening credits, in spite of appearing on the DVD box cover.

Nathalie Levi is credited on screen, but this is a mis-identification of a pre-enhancement Monique Covet.

This seems to be a compilation of scenes (from other films or otherwise unreleased) linked by an interview with Dalila. There is some mismatch in that the interview says that Dalila appears in the first scene with Backey Jakic. She does not. It is Lulu David. The interview also mangles Backey's name in a way it is not easy to transcribe and refers to Eric Weiss (credited as Eric Vincent) as Eric Bells. There may also be a scene missing from the Colmax version viewed as one more scene is mentioned in the iafd scene breakdown, which has Erika Bella appearing in the first scene (not her) and also in the missing scene. Marc Demont may be the non-sex male in the Maeva / Ron Jeremy scene.

Males credited -

  • Backey Jakic
  • Jolth Walton
  • Eric Weiss as Eric Vincent
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Marc Demont

Scenes in the Colmax DVD (with Erotika on the same disc):

  1. Lulu David and Backey Jakic
  2. Kelly Trump and Eric Weiss
  3. Maeva and Ron Jeremy (plus male non-sex watching, seen at start and end)
  4. Dalila, Backey Jakic and John Walton, DP
  5. Monique Covet (pre boob job) and Eric Weiss

iafd then lists Erika Bella and Jean-Yves LeCastel, a scene not in the Colmax DVD.

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