< Cronaca di un omicidio

Released: 1999
Director: Max Bellocchio
Notes: Max & Partners / Goldlight / Showtime
Alternate Titles
  • L'Amour forcé Video Marc Dorcel
  • A Perfect Murder
  • Ein Perfekter Mord
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray, non-sex, plays Giulio Donati
  • Philippe Dean plays Philippe Marceo, the Donati's chauffeur and Sara's lover
  • Chris Charming plays Giancarlo Tedeschi
  • Roberto Malone plays Sergio Attis
  • Giancarlo Bini, non-sex, plays Tenente Barnes (the detective investigating the murder)
  • Pierre Volette, non-sex, plays Notaio Consel (the lawyer)
  • Richard Lengin, as Richard Langine, plays Silvio Steno
  • Rodolphe Nani plays Renato Foi
  • Albert Riciou, non-sex, plays Aldo Donati
  • Cerille Bianchi, non-sex, plays Ugo Santini
  • Geronte Sebezio, Phill Neri, Angelo Padovani, Enzo Piccolo, Marcello Seri play the men in the park

Giulio Donati is murdered (apparently) and, at the reading of his will, his sons and daughters are told they get nothing. They leave their stepmother, Sara, alone with the lawyer. She is shown a video of herself cheating on her husband with the chauffeur. Then she is told the conditions of her inheritance which are that she, and the chauffeur, Philippe, are to film each other performing various perverted sexual acts. They do so and are then shown a video of the 'murder' and of them plotting to commit it and of Giulio speaking to camera, still alive.

Not an entirely original porn plot, but quite well realised.

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