< Concept by Salieri

Released: 1991
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Mario Salieri, 63 mins., also stars Victoria Paris (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Addicted to Love 1 1994 Sascha Alexander Productions
  • Le Cercle vicieux France, Colmax, double feature DVD with Délires Italiens
  • Concept by Salieri Pt 1
  • Concepts by Salieri 1 Spain, Negro y Azul
  • Concepts Italien 1 France
  • Il Vizio
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Mario De Sica
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone
  • Rally van Kamp as Rally Waldman

With the participation of ("con la partecipazione di") -

  • Walter Carrera
  • Mario Torti
  • Nicola Vighi
  • Raffaele Alimondi
  • Vincent Guerra as Vincenzo Mantide
  • Giuliano Mainardi
  • Franco Lutero
  • Marina Settis
  • Davide Constanzo
  • Mauro Battisti
  • Cesare Oriundi
  • Sebastiano Liguori
  • Mariano Auglas
  • Patrizio Orsomandi
  • Emanuele Lipari

Mario Salieri appears, uncredited, in a non-sex role.

These are many more names than actually appear. Apart from the main male protagonists - De Sica, Malone and van Kamp - six males appear. Apart from Salieri himself, there are no non-sex roles. The other six males then are Walter Carrera (credited), Giuliano Rosati (as Giuliano Mainardi?), Vincent Guerra (as Vincenzo Mantide), Massimo Lotti (as Raffaele Alimondi?) and two unidentified males who could be the Mario Torti and Nicola Vighi in the credits. Who knows what the purpose was in listing the others in the credits.

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