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Released: 1982
Director: Alex Bakara (Gérard Kikoïne) and Alan Vydra
Notes: also stars Americans Jesie St. James and Annette Haven
Alternate Titles
  • Les Amies de papa title used when shown on Canal +
  • Deux Americaines à Paris
  • L'Estate impura Italy, box title, probably lifted from a French / Italian film of 1987 which had the original title Noyade interdite
  • Girls Girls Girls
  • Teenage Lovers title on IMDB with similar but incomplete cast
  • Teenager in Love Dir. given as AlainVarga Tabu DVD
  • Teenagers in Love Italy, box cover second title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray
  • Dominique Saint-Clair (Gil Lagardère) plays Dominique
  • Christian Filip plays Dominique's father
  • Desir Bastareaud
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays the masseur

American females -

  • Jese St. James plays Alban's wife, Jessy
  • Annette Haven plays a lawyer

The French title Deux Américaines à Paris is due to the presence of these two US porn actresses.

Dominique is a very shy young man who's father, very keen on sex games, decides to have him educated by a friend of his (Alban Ceray) who will be helped in this task by his wife Jessy, his daughter Claire, and even a lawyer brought in after Dominique has had a car accident. An evening outing will take them to some sort of sex-theatre where a woman plays the sex-toy for four men, the whole scene being conducted by a black dwarf. Eventually, when the son comes home, he is now able to take over his father's toying with his two lovers.

The two US ladies are really superb. Marylin Jess is not at her best. Nothing really new, even at the time...


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