< La Calda vita di Al Capone

Released: 1995
Director: Antonio D'Agostino as Richard Bennet
Notes: Butterfly Motion Pictures / Moonlight Video, 90 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Al Capone
  • The Hot Life of Al Capone
  • La Vie Torride de Al Capone France, Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Roberto Malone, as Robert Malone, plays Al Capone
  • Piotr Stanislas, as Stanislas Piotr, plays Capone's sidekick
  • Edoardo Pezzol, uncredited in Dorcel release, as Edoardo Pristle in some versions, non-sex
  • Erminio Bianchi, non-sex, apart from a brief softcore scene, plays the judge
  • Eros Cristaldi, uncredited in Dorcel release, as Eros Belli in some versions
  • Giuliano Rosati, uncredited in Dorcel release, plays the FBI agent
  • Max Renna, uncredited in Dorcel release
  • Miro da Nola, uncredited in Dorcel release, non-sex
  • Silvio Evangelista, uncredited in Dorcel release
  • Walter Carrera, uncredited in Dorcel release, non-sex

There are many extras of both sexes, and several short, non-sex, scenes.

Sex scenes:

  1. Debora Colasanti, Katia Cargo, Max Renna, Roberto Malone
  2. Jessica Gabriel, Eros Cristaldi, Roberto Malone, Silvio Evangelista
  3. Deborah Wells, Roberto Malone
  4. Clarissa Bruni, Simona Valli, Roberto Malone, Piotr Stanislas
  5. Clarissa Bruni, Simona Valli, Piotr Stanislas (Giuliano Rosati watches from a hiding place in a closet)
  6. (intercut with 7) Jessica Gabriel, Simona Valli, Roberto Malone
  7. Deborah Wells, Piotr Stanislas
  8. Clarissa Bruni, Simona Valli, Giuliano Rosati
  9. Debora Colasanti, Roberto Malone (intercut with 8)

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