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Released: 1976
Director: Bart Caral
Notes: Les Films de l'Épée / France Continental Films, 80 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Der Saft muß raus. Mike Hunter DVD on-screen title
  • Der Saft muss raus... Mike Hunter DVD cover title, surtitle "...der Saft muss rein!", 67 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Luc Templar plays Éric
  • Gabriel Pontello plays François
  • Jean Moore plays Le père d'Éric (not in Mike Hunter version)
  • Paul-Clément Devigny plays 'Le touriste' (not in Mike Hunter version)

A coming-of-age drama, with overtones of Summer of 42, but it doesn't take widowhood to persuade the older woman to initiate the youth into manhood.

In the opening sequence, from a vantage point in the dunes, Éric sees Hélène (Michèle Perello) being chased along a beach by FFrançois. She is caught and they have sex. Later Éric spies on them in Helene's house.

It isn't absolutely clear, from a quick scan of the Mike Hunter DVD, which scenes are Eric's fantasies and which he spies on, but there is an orgy scene in which Corinne (Chantal Fourquet) is lying naked in a pram, surrounded by other people, some naked, some dressed, some with masks and some with wigs. She nibbles at a penis as if it was a nipple. Then a full-blown orgy develops also involving Catherine Ringer, a girl in a white wig (Danièle Troeger), Elisabeth Graine naked a apart from a hat and Michèle Perello (probably) in a green dress).

Later Éric gives Hélène a lift on his motorised push-bike. They then meet on the beach and make love there and in her bed. He returns for more but Nadine (Elisabeth Graine), who is sunbathing naked in the garden, tells him Hélène is not at home. But he persists and finds her in bed with François. He contemplates suicide by throwing himself off a cliff, but is saved by Corinne who seduces him.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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