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Released: 1977/8
Director: Claude Pierson as Carolyne Joyce
Notes: Pierson Production / France Continental Films, 74 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Blanche in der Villa der Orgien West Germany, Auriga (VHS, Nr.102)
  • Candide salope
  • Sex blues VCP video re-release title, 73 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Bob
  • Dominique Aveline, as Sébastien Vallois, plays Boris
  • Olivier Oll plays the boss
  • Alban Ceray (final orgy)
  • Cyril Val (final orgy)
  • Charlie Schreiner (final orgy)
  • possibly another unidentified male (in final orgy)

Shares footage of first orgy with Je suis une petite cochonne.

A short summary of the German version follows.

One evening Blanche (Genevieve Sorbier) is snatched off the street and dragged into an orange-coloured VW Beetle driven by Dominique Aveline. Her fiancé (played by Richard Lemieuvre) starts searching for her. A newspaper article deals with the mysterious disappearance of some girls in a house at Rue Latin and he drives there.

While he tries to check out the place he's caught in the act by Juliette (cute redhaired France Lomay). Confronted with his suspicion she lets him into the house where he hides himself. We see Aveline moving down to the cellar where two blonde girls (Samantha and Laurence Rivoal) spoil each other and he joins them.

Meanwhile Juliette tries to give her boss, an older greyhaired man, a relaxing hand massage, but he's not in the mood.

Next, Richard is knocked down by Aveline and tied up in another room. While having sex with Aveline, Juliette takes his bunch of keys. She visits the chained prisoner, kneels down and gets served up a mouthful of salty cum.

While the two white slavers have some fun with four girls, Juliette frees Blanche, but Blanche is then caught by Aveline and forced into various kinds of sex including a DP. After Richard is freed he joins the group (which includes Laurence Rivoal, Samantha, Marie-Claude Moreau and Sabrina Dilah) and participates in the action.

In the end he leaves the party together with Juliette and they join another group sex orgy in a house in the country.


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