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Released: 1999
Director: Jurgen Woolf (aka Michael d'Angelo)
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • 8 bombones rompiendo corazones Spain
  • L'Espionne au sexe d'or
  • Golden Sex Spy
  • Ocho bombones rompiendo corazones Spain
Notes and Reviews

Notes refer to the French-dubbed VMD version (the screen credits are in English). Shot in Paris in July 1999, according to a comment by Duval that she was there then, visiting her blonde lover Amy (Dru Berrymore). We also see movie-posters for US horror movie Vorace (Ravenous), released in France in July 1999. The VMD version is of a poor visual quality- the colours are off and some scenes are too bright and overexposed. There is a lot of voice-over commentary and amateurish editing.

The storyline is rather silly, with "ex-porn star" Helen being recruited by Interpol agent James (Dino Toscani) to infiltrate the French-Russian mob in Paris. Vladimir (Bruno Aissix) and Bernard (Philippe Dean) are two mobsters to whom she cosies up in order to obtain incriminating evidence.

  1. (Couch). Helen, Dru (les).
  2. (Couch). Helen, Philippe Dean (anal, open mouth facial).
  3. (Bed). Nikki (with dark hair and shaved pussy), Dean (anal, facial).
  4. (Living room). Aissix and Dana (in a black wig); Dru and Dean screw in pairs, some distance away from each other. Both pairings include vaginal and anal (unusually for the time, some of the sex involves the male going from pussy to ass and from ass to pussy). Near the end Dean joins in to DP Dana; the males then jerk off in the open mouths of their respective original partners.
  5. (Couch). Nikki, Toscani (anal, facial).
  6. Bianca (anal, facial), Dana (with her own, blonde, hair; anal, facial), Elodie (anal, DP, facial), Lisa (double vaginal, facial), Aissix, Sebastian Barrio, Erik Leroi, Titof.
  7. (Bed). Sophie (anal, A2M, facial), Titof. They are later joined by Dru.
  8. (Outdoors, garden). Lisa (anal, Facial), Barrio, Aissix.

I hope I have properly identified the males, especially Erik Leroi in the orgy scene. I have no idea who Jack Parker might be.


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