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Released: 1996
Director: Nicholas Moore (spelt Nickolas on film credits)
Notes: FM Video 100, DVD FM Planet Sex Dream label, PSD 1037. Stars Sarah Young
Alternate Titles
  • Bouts d'essai vicieux 2000 France, FM
  • Sarah on Heat Videorama / SYC 9158
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lengin
  • Julian (Juliah on box cover, though I imagine that this should be Julian St. Jox)
  • Christoph Clark
  • Jean-Yves LeCastel as Joselyne
  • Mike Foster
  • Silvio Evangelista, uncredited

Below is a list of the scenes/actors - in the order that they appear - on the Videorama video edition of this film:

  • Non-sex scene featuring Stéfania Sartori, Sarah Young, Nikyta and Rossana Doll sitting around a table talking.
  • A scene featuring Stéfania Sartori, Sarah Young, Richard Lengin and Jean-Yves Le Castel inter-cut with a scene of Nikyta and Silvio Evangelista.
  • Scene with Nikyta, Rossana Doll, Christoph Clark and Jean-Yves Le Castel.
  • Scene featuring Nikyta and Julian St. Jox in the lounge with Sarah Young and Mike Foster out on the veranda.
  • Four non-sex scenes interspersed throughout the film of Nikyta, on her own, talking to camera.

Monica Kabay does not appear in this version (unless this is the name which refers to Stefania Sartori), and unless Joselyne is alternatively a pseudonym of Stéfania Sartori, then she does not appear either.

For those people who like to connect one film with another, the car (a red Honda) and the house that feature in the opening scene with Sarah Young and Stéfania Sartori, also feature in the film Nikita – Sexy Killer (the scene where Sarah Young assassinates the man who is sitting in the red Honda). The view from the veranda in the last scene with Sarah Young and Mike Foster also appears in the film Nikita – Sexy Killer.


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