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Released: 1976
Director: Alain Payet
Notes: also features American Sue Nero (iafd) in archive footage, probably chosen for matching background, cut in to make it appear that the hero is really having sex.
Alternate Titles
  • Bîtes en chaleur Socai Films video
  • Bittes en chaleur (sic) Socai Films video
  • Les Partouzeuses
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Didier Aubriot plays Sylvain Marcel, a client of the massage parlour, body-doubled h/c only in close up
  • Guy Royer plays a photographer
  • Carmelo Petix, plays the masochist client
  • Dominique Aveline plays a client of the black masseuse at the massage parlour
  • André Miller plays a client of the massage parlour who cums in the glass
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays the compère of sex show
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays an undercover policeman who is a member of the sex show audience
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays the compère at the Love Theatre
  • Alban Ceray plays a client of Martine at the massage parlour(brief appearance)
  • Denis Ferré plays the male in the first couple at the Love Theatre
  • Jean Tolzac, non-sex, plays a gendarme
  • Alain Payet, brief, non-sex
  • Jean-Pierre Clivio
  • unidentified males, participants or audience members in sex show orgy
  • unidentified male, non-sex, plays a police commissioner, possibly Jean-Pierre Clivio

Female names mentioned in Le Dictionnaire, but not given roles: Évelyne Pomorska, Corinne Martine, Maryse Van Oberbergue. Pace Le Dictionnaire, I could not see Eva Khris. Some audience members who seemed to take no part in the action in the Love Theatre scenes have not been capped and listed in the unknowns.

A shy man visits a massage parlour and becomes infatuated with the brunette receptionist-cum-masseuse and also intrigued by the activites there. He peeps into other rooms and follows her when she leaves. He thus gets to witness a porn photography shoot and visits a club which puts on live sex shows.

Prophilo's view -

Sylvain is a very awkward character who, looking up adverts in the press, comes upon the address of a massage parlour. He is welcomed there by Martine (at least she will be called this one hour later!) who leaves him between Elisabeth Buré's expert hands (Notice she is introduced as a Thai masseuse!).

But he's got a crush on Martine and follows her when she leaves the place (we get a glimpse of Martine Grimaud and Claudine Beccarie who are supposed to be in another room after what has obviously been a lesbian scene in another movie). Sylvain follows Martine through Paris from the Eiffel Tower to Montmarte - not exactly a short walk. Notice director Alain Payet in some sort of Hitchcockian appearance smoking a cigar on their way.

Martine leads him to a house where she meets a photographer and his two models - Guy Royer, Liliane Lemieuvre and a blonde (Marie-Noelle Louvet) who looks somewhat like Frédérique Barral. Sylvain watches their threesome from the corridor.

Sylvain goes to bed and dreams of Martine dancing naked. He is awakened by a couple making love next door and gets a hard on. Back in bed he has some sort of vision of beautiful American actress Sue Nero releasing him from his cumbersome protuberance (or rather that of his body double, who might well be Dominique Aveline).

Sylvain opens a door and seems to find himself in some white-painted flat whose? Have a guess!). A dominatrix (Evelyne Manta) appears followed by Carmélo Petix who submits to her orders and she uses dildos on himself while she masturbates. In the meantime, Sylvain remains hidden in the toilets next door.

The film cuts to a massage table where Chantal Virapin takes care of Dominique Aveline's most private parts.

Then another cut to a live-sex show. End of a scene between Myriam Watteau and Carole Gire (the whole scene will appear later in the film which suggests it has been cut and edited in the wrong order - can hardly have been meant to be so. Jacques Marbeuf is the compere of the show and introduces two couples (including XNK2725 and XNK2726) ready to perform in front of the audience who soon join in a general orgy.

We have a glimpse of Martine kissing Sylvain (which only makes sense if the scene has been edited the wrong way). Elisabeth Buré is there with Richard Lemieuvre. Marie-Christine Chireix is in there too, along with very nice-looking women (among them a never-seen-anywhere-else and more-than-beautiful blonde with a black belt and a tattoo on the right buttock - XNK2727).

Why is Sylvain watching one of the Castel twins busy playing with herself with two dildos in a sex shop? What does the strange policeman tell him? So many mysteries that will have to be elucidated by the future generations.

Back to Sylvain hiding in the toilets (remember the SM scene?). He pulls the faulty flush and looks for Martine - So that's her place! She's massaging Alban Ceray and invites Sylvain to a sex show in the evening.

Cut to André Miller and two very hot cookies (Amanda and Evelyne Biancchi) who make him come into a glass and both drink from it. Behind the door, Sylvain has seen the scene, which makes him sick. When he turns round Martine is there making her face up (so that was her place wasn't it?). She cheers him up with a drink from her bar and they go to the Love Theatre where we can see Myriam Watteau and Carole Gire's full show.

Sylvain comes across Martine at her place (!) and seeing he's unwell she suggests a massage. Richard Lemieuvre pops in (now he's a policeman) and takes them to the police station where Martine is accused of working for a prostitution gang lead by a Monsieur Paul. Of course she is innocent and Sylvain, who sees the Castel twin once again, asks for her hand while the strange previously-encountered policeman behaves in a raving-mad way in the background.

Who is this Monsieur Paul? What is the Castel twin doing there? What about that strange policeman? Questions ...

Hot sex scenes, that's for sure. But don't ask me about the logic in the story, that's too much for me!

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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