< Les Couleurs du plaisir

Released: 1990
Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau
Notes: compilation of interracial scenes from Unia's films
Notes and Reviews

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  1. Elisabeth Buré, Marie-Pierre Balathon, Madou Sall
  2. Céline Gallone, Marie-Pierre Barathon, black man (Jean-Pierre Kipré?)
  3. Danièle David, Marie-Claude Moreau, Piotr Stanislas
  4. Hare Krane, Jacky Arnal
  5. Chantal Trobert, Melissa Bonsardo
  6. Melissa Bonsardo, Myriam Gotreau, Frank Mazard
  7. Melissa Bonsardo, Myriam Gotreau, Ghislain Garret
  8. Sylvie Schwartz, Madou Sall
  9. Joy Karin's who has acted as M.C. and introduced all the scenes, ends the compilation masturbating


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