< Castings X 19 - Enjoy Magdalena: Your Last Chance

Released: 1999
Director: Pierre Woodman
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Castings 19
  • Private Castings X 19
  • Private Castings X 19 - Enjoy Magdalena - your last chance
  • Betty Anderson uncredited, clip, in photoshoot with Mercedes
  • Bibi Blue as Magdalena; four undated castings over several months, Budapest
  • Caroline [7] uncredited, clip, in Jennifer Red's excerpt
  • Jennifer Red August 1996, Budapest
  • Kaily with Trin-Liis; September 1993, Moscow
  • Kristina Lyon September 1994, Riga
  • Mafalda onscreen as Mafalda, referred to by herself and Woodman as Erika; March 1996, Paris
  • Marina [8] September 1993, Moscow, non-sex
  • Mercedes [4] as Timea; April 1997, Budapest
  • Samantha [17] March 1997, Amsterdam
  • Trin-liis as Liz; scene with Kaily. September 1993, Moscow
Notes and Reviews

Jennifer Red 08/1996 Budapest

Interview; behind-the-scenes footage from a scene in Tatiana with Caroline; video of photoshoot for Pirate 46 with Alain Deloin

Mafalda 03/1996 Paris

Interview; behind-the-scenes footage of a scene from The Pyramid with Philippe Soine, Rich Reeves and Richard Lengin; video of a photoshoot for Private 141 with Philippe Soine and Richard Lengin

Liz & Kaily 09/1993 Moscow (Trin-lis & Kaily)

Interviews, clip from Private Video Magazine 25 with Alain Deloin, Frank Versace, Mephisto, Scott St. James and unidentified male

Timea 04/1997 Budapest (Mercedes [4])

Interview; video of photoshoot for Sex No. 8 with Betty Anderson, Alain Deloin and Frank Versace

Kristina Lyon 09/1994 Riga

Interview; video of photoshoot from Private 130 with Bruno SX, Frank Versace and Richard Lengin; clip from The Gigolo 2 with Jean-Yves Lecastel and Richard Lengin; video of photoshoot for Pirate 34 with Bruno Sx and Richard Lengin

Samantha 03/1997 Amsterdam

Interview; video of photoshoot for Private 145 with Richard Lengin; video of photoshoot for Triple X 25 (magazine) with Alain Deloin and Frank Versace

Magdalena (undated) Budapest (Bibi Blue)

Interviews (the first undated, then 5 months later, 3 months later, 1 year later, 4 months later), sex scene with Pierre Woodman, including anal

Marina 09/1993 Moscow

Interview, non-sex, nude only

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