< Collector

Released: 1999 (2000 for DVD)
Director: Pierre Woodman
Notes: Private, 156 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Private Gold 34: Collector
Notes and Reviews

Synopsis courtesy Private

The Collector is a thrilling detective story set in the art world. But we're not only talking about paintings, but the art of the beautiful body and the art of cock sucking and fucking delectable pussies and ass holes. Yves Tarden is a horny police detective who, for the past three months, has been investigating a mysterious series of art thefts. Vincent, an informer, leads them to a suspicious art gallery director, Gwenda, and her secretary Janette. Little by little, the police's sexual investigation and persuasive methods reaveal the identity of the "Collector".

Males -

  • James Brossman
  • Bob Terminator
  • Alain Deloin
  • Philippe Dean
  • Philippe Soine
  • Marc Hansen
  • Bruno SX
  • Vincent Winner, as Vincent, non-sex
  • Laslo, non-sex

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