< Certaines l'aiment grosse

Released: 1980s
Director: Michel Baudricourt
Notes: Cinétheque, Obsession video 21, compilation of clips and outtakes from Michel Baudricourt titles
Notes and Reviews

Some clips were very brief. In so far as separate clips could be identified, the following were noted. (It was not possible to capture clear images for additions to the unknowns and the perfoermers are probably already listed anyway, just not identifiable here.


  1. Sophie Guers with blue feather in her hair lies on her back on a table with head over the edge as she gives Guy Royer a bj.
  2. Monique Bruno, Samantha [2], Diane Dubois (from Je suis vicieuse, mais je me soigne) plus male.
  3. Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer, Elisabeth Buret (blonde), unidentified brunette and unidentified dirty blonde.
  4. Cathy Stewart addresses camera with a couple having sex in background.
  5. Alban Ceray has sex with familiar dirty blonde.
  6. Elisabeth Buret (as a redhead) gives bj.
  7. Nicole Segaud gives bj.
  8. Ingrid d'Eve gives bj to John Oury on basket chair.
  9. Laura Clair, Cathy Stewart - from same scene as clip 3.
  10. Guy Royer (with moustache) grapples with Elisabeth Buret.
  11. Richard Lemieuvre made up with gray hair with Nicole Segaud on bed.
  12. Karine Gambier, Richard Lemieuvre, messy food sex.
  13. Sophie Guers on phone while masturbating with huge dildo.
  14. Lucie Doll, France Lomay, Dominique Aveline and male (Richard Lemieuvre?).
  15. Laura Clair peeps on Sophie Guers masturbating on bed.
  16. Liliane Lemievre masturbates with carrot, Richard Lemieuvre masturbates over it.

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