< Chaleurs intimes

Released: 1977
Director: Claude Pierson as Andrée Marchand
Notes: original theatrical release title, originally soft
Alternate Titles
  • À coeur ouvert shooting title
  • Bourgeoise et pute
  • Calore intimo Italy
  • Dans la chaleur intime
  • Onverzadigbare Wellust Venus video
  • Les Partouzes d'une femme du monde
  • Phantasmes et sodomie video title
  • Sexuelle Vibrationen West Germany, Venus Video
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray plays the man in the porn theatre
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Jaqueline's (Odette's) father
  • Didier Aubriot plays Jean-Louis Vital
  • Bernard Hug plays Antoine (Henri)
  • Hubert Géral plays one of Odette's (Jaqueline's) lovers
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays one of Odette's (Jaqueline's) lovers
  • Guy Royer plays one of Odette's (Jaqueline's) lovers
  • Dominique Aveline plays the foreman
  • Charlie Schreiner plays the man on the bank of the Seine
  • Carmelo Petix plays a guest

This is the story of a woman who had a good sex life with another man before her marriage. After her marriage she is unsatisfied and nearly makes the mistake of leaving her husband. It's a real love story with a lot of emotions which could also be a non-adult movie if there were no hardcore scenes.

This movie is very different to normal porn and has two strings (timelines). String one: Jaqueline and Antoine - a couple who live together. She is a hooker and he is her pimp. She does everything he wants her to do. String two: Jaqueline and Alain. Alain is an architect and later husband of Jaqueline. I tell the story as I see it on the screen.

The story begins with an orgy. A few couples have sex, also Véronique Maugarski has an appearance. Jaqueline is involved and does not look very happy as she gives head. Suddenly Jaqueline is seen in another room and a man (later named Antoine), who is also in the orgy scene, appears. She wants to stay alone and he offers to her that they quit the relationship. She agrees, but he shows some money and asks her if she always wants to live without his fortune.

She move away to her car (a Jaguar) and seems to drive home. This is a flashback scene which reminds her that she left a man years before.

String two begins:

In the next scene an architect (Alain) and his secretary are sitting together and are talking. After a few minutes they have a b/g scene. This is interrupted as the bell rings. The secretary opens the door and introduces Jaqueline to the architect. Jaqueline tells him that she and her parents own an old castle which they decided to give away for free. The architect ask why she doesn't open a hotel in the old castle. She's not sure.

A cut and the old castle can be seen. Jaqueline is announced as the new owner of her hotel. She asked Alain, the architect, if she can kiss him. First he refuses but after a few words both fall into a clinch ... The kiss leads to a move into the bedroom where the action begins. But the architect cums too soon and she looks unsatisfied. The next morning she tries it again but after a short handjob he is coming and she looks very unsatisfied with him. They try to make love in an hotel room and he also has the same problem with his erection.

In the next scene he fucks his secretary and has no problems in satisfying her. After that he names his secretary "Jaqueline".

Alain comes home and finds Jaqueline on the bed. She asks him why he's so late and he tells her that he has much work and wants to sleep alone. Jaqueline sits on her bed and begins to masturbate. The masturbating turns to a blowjob ... and he's as fast as always and cums too early.

Next scene we see a party with a non-sexual background and as Alain leaves he hears some noises upstairs. As he moves upstairs he hears a couple in sexual action and takes a look. It's Jaqueline and another man. Alain takes a drink and cuts his hand on a glass while he hears his wife fucking with another guy.

The next scene begins on a farm where Jaqueline and Alain have to work. Jaqueline takes a look at other rooms and finds a more-or-less attractive man. She seduces him and a BJ follows. Alain arrives and, from behind a mirror, sees his wife being fucked. He breaks the mirror. They both leave and have a discussion about cheating their partner. She tells him how wonderful it was and in a fury he says that she can look for another guy. She replies that this is what she wants to do ... He tells her that he will never see her again and she leaves the car and walks away. Alain is crying.

String one goes on:

Jaqueline arrives with her Jaguar at home and asks the butler if her husband is already at home. At home she lies on the bed and her female friend (Véronique Maugarski) offers her tea. A lesbian scene follows. After a while Jaqueline declares that she needs a man. A man arrives with Antoine (the one from the orgy scene). He slaps her face and a b/g scene with the man as a viewer follows.

String two continues:

Jaqueline comes home from her argument with her husband. She cries and remembers the first time that she slept with her husband Alain. (This is a Bilitis-lookalike scene with lots of fog). She takes the telephone and tries to talk to her husband who is not there. Instead she is talking to his secretary and tells her the story of what happened. She tells her about her life before her marriage.

Now there is another flashback in the timeline before Jaqueline leaves Antoine from the orgy. A cut to a porn theatre. Jaqueline enters the theatre and sits beside a man (Alban Ceray). In the backround you hear the voice of Jaqueline as she tell the secretary about Antoine and what he had done to her: sex parties, working as a hooker and so on. Meanwhile the scene in the porn theatre goes on and Jaqueline gives a handjob to a man. After he cums in her hand she leaves the theatre.

She is walking along a river and finds another man sitting on a parkbench and reading a newspaper. She seduces him and gives him a blowjob on the bench. She offers to take him to her home. He agrees and Antoine is waiting in the room. Antoine is the pimp of Jaqueline.

In the next scene we see Jaqueline in an orgy with six or more guys. She gives head and is fucked by all of them. Antoine also appears and he has fun.

String two follows:

Jaqueline talks to the secretary on the phone and tells her how much she loves her husband and that he's the only guy she ever loved. The secretary offers her help. Jaqueline goes to bed and finds sleeping pills. It seems that she intends to take them if her husband does not call back. The telephone rings, but it's not Alain. Then she prays to the lord that Alain will be back soon. She falls to sleep. At 6 o' clock in the morning the bell is ringing and Alain is back. She tells him the story of her life and they have sex.

As I wrote above, this is a real good story and the dialogues are pretty good.


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