< La Chatte sur un doigt brûlant

Released: 1974 and later
Director: Cyrille Chardon
Notes: originally soft, hard scenes added by producer Jean-François Davy from various sources; 93 minutes; one video version is 82 minutes.
Alternate Titles
  • Le Doigt dans l'œil
  • Lip Service
  • Plaisirs 1982 70 mins.
  • Village Girls USA
Notes and Reviews

Female cast not in the database -

  • Laurence Imbert plays Blanche Lalyre
  • Marie-Odile Langl�re plays Odile
  • Lisbeth Heulle plays Annette
  • Mireille Gitton
  • Antonia Lotito
  • Mich�le Vincent

Males -

  • Pierre Oudry plays Martin
  • Marcel Dalio, as Dalio, plays Hector Francbourgeois
  • Michel Delahaye plays �douard Lalyre
  • Bouboule (Alain Chevestrier) plays Joseph
  • J�r�my de Tr�al plays Xavier
  • Jean Mermet plays Roger Cochard
  • Jean Droze plays le p�re Benoit
  • Fran�ois Viaur plays Dr. Bernard de Monderville
  • No�l Simsolo plays Rabinovitch, the journalist
  • Michel Caputo plays the failed priest
  • Jean-Fran�ois Davy plays a villager
  • Henry Djanik plays the archbishop
  • Marcel Gassouk plays a villager
  • Armando Minouflet
  • G�rard Marx
  • Charles Bayard plays a man at the burial
  • Jean Roche plays the young Hector Francbourgeois

Males in added hard scenes include -

  • Alban Ceray
  • Charlie Schreiner
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Beno�t Archenoul

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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