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Released: 1994
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: Private Film 16, also stars Kitty Yung (Korean-American), Lorraine Ansell, Roxanne Hall, Hannah Turlington and Laura Anthony, all British
  • Angelica as Angelica Bella in DVD Cast notes
  • Kim BSG as Kim in opening credits (presumably as in VHS)
  • Nathaly as Natalie in opening credits (presumably as VHS) and as Nathalie in DVD Extras Film Notes
  • Regina in orgy scene only
  • Suan Lecroix as Su-Ann in opening credits, Su Ann in DVD Extras Cast Notes
  • Susanna Katona as Irene in opening credits (presumably as VHS), as Susan in DVD Extras Cast Notes, mixed up with Hannah Turlington in Extras Film Notes, orgy scene only
  • Timea Vagvoelgyi as Timea in opening credits (presumably as VHS), as Natacha in DVD Extras Cast Notes
Notes and Reviews

The DVD has opening credits presumably the same as were present in the VHS.

The Girls -

The Guys -

  • Frank [Gun]
  • Mike [Foster]
  • David [Perry]
  • Kálmán Nyiri as Karman
  • Daniel

This may be incomplete.

Whoever did the notes for the DVD Extras got thoroughly confused:

The Cast section (which follows details of the girls with their magazine and Private video titles) has Angelica as Angelica Bella - whether this was actually an alias for a while, confusion or cynical exploitation of a famous name is not known. Kim is given as Kim BSG. (Does anyone know what the BSG signifies?) Lorraine Ansell is given as Lorraine, which is fine, but then Laura Anthony is given as Louise Ansell, which is just a mix-up. Timea is listed by another alias, Natacha. Natalie is here spelled the same (but not in another section of the extras). A girl called Nikoletta, Hungarian, 18, is listed with no magazine or other film titles given and cannot be seen in the film, at least not by me. Regina, Roxanne Hall (understandably under her later, more famous nom de porn as the DVD was released in 2002) and Su Ann follow with no problems. then comes Susan who is Susanna Katona and who is not in the opening credits, but is in the film. Finally Zana Sun, who has the longest Private credits list of the whole cast.

The Film Notes section explains the basic structure of the film. That is that the girls relate their fantasies to each other and we then see them and that there is a final orgy at the villa. This is fine, except that the 'chairperson' of the fantasy sequence, Hannah Turlington, is here identified as Susan and Natalie is spelled Nathalie.

Scene Breakdown -

  • Kim's fantasy - sex on the balcony with David Perry.
  • Angelica's fantasy. Angelica (with curly hair) has sex on the balcony with a man while Timea and Lorraine cavort on the balustrade. The scene then switches to a darkened room (presumably a night club or similar) with the same participants.
  • Zana's fantasy - she has lesbian sex with two blondes (Natalie and Timea), David Perry peeps, is drawn in and dominated by them.
  • Natalie's fantasy is to have sex with two men, including a DP.
  • Hannah's fantasy (one of the girls calls her Stephanie) is that she goes to a waterfall and finds a man bathing in the pool. She then has sex with him.
  • Roxanne Hall's fantasy is to walk down the street in white dress, flashing her white lingerie and then to have sex with three men.
  • Lorraine's fantasy is for her and Laura to have a threesome with a man.
  • Orgy scene on the patio between the villa and the pool and on the balcony of the villa. Mike Foster emerges from the pool and finds several girls on sun loungers, as is David Perry, with an unidentified male wearing a yellow jacket standing behind. The girls on sun loungers are Hannah Turlington, Su-Ann Lecroix, Natalie and Lorraine Ansell. Watching from the balcony are Frank Gun, Angelica and Susanna Katona. They are disturbed by the arrival of three girls dressed in fetish gear - Laura Anthony, Regina and Kitty Yung. An orgy develops.

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