< Diamond Baby

Released: 1984
Director: Michel Jean
Notes: DVD Ribu, 82 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • La Chatte aux tresors Blue One DVD with Petites Culottes chaudes et mouillées and Fantasmes de femmes
  • Diamond Snatch possibly
  • Jambes écartées, pénétrations en force
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray plays Laurent Mercier
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Robert
  • Sylvio Ray as Sylvain Mander
  • Piotr Stanislas as Pjotr Stanislas plays a bouncer at the nightclub
  • Jacques Marbeuf as Jaques Mabeuf plays the sex club owner
  • Daniel Loire
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Laurent's brother
  • Yoko is not the Yoko of Le Fruit Defendu and may be a male

Alban hides a bag of stolen diamonds in a girlfriend's pussy (Nathalie Tussot). His brother later extracts them - fisting while being wanked. This is intercut with Cathy Ménard having sex on stage with Gabriel Pontello watched by Eva Kleber and Jacques Marbeuf.

Alban visits another girlfriend, a blonde (Laura Clair). They have sex on a table. The blonde takes Alban to Marilyn Jess's place and leaves him. Alban and Marilyn have sex.

The blonde goes to the club and into the changing room - Lise Pinson is one of those changing along with a couple of other familiar faces (Evelyne Lang and XNK0535) as well as the blonde. Dominique St-Clair, Uschi Karnat and Cathy Ménard arrive at Marilyn's place and find Alban. They are not pleased.

Mika Barthel has b/g sex on stage in front of an audience.

There is a brief g/g scene between Dominique Saint Claire and Marilyn Jess. Then we see Dominique on the phone to Jacques Marbeuf while he gets a bj in his office from Eva Kleber.

Alban visits a fence to find the same two girls as in French Satisfaction, there is a similar sex scene - two separate b/g, Alban with a blonde (Marianne Wäckerle), and the fence (John Leslie lookalike) with Barbara Legrand.

Alban goes to a country cottage and has sex with a girl in a white dress (Veronica Moser).

In the sex club, Gabriel Pontello and two other men drag in Dominique Saint Claire, Marilyn Jess, Uschi Karnat and Cathy Ménard. They fight back and have sex with the men.

Alban and Laura Clair leave on a plane - bj in the seats.

A black man with a huge limp dick is sent by Jacques Marbeuf to interrogate Alban's first girlfriend - b/g.

At their destination Alban and Laura Clair have sex in a taxi and in a park, Alban, unaware of a watching gendarme, cumming over his shoes.

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