< Délit de séduction

Released: 1993
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Crime of Depravity SAP
  • Deborah Wells plays Corinne, the female cop
  • Elodie Chérie as Elodie, plays the kidnapped mother
  • Kathy Marceau plays the girl raped in the toilets and the stripping prisoner
  • Maeva as Maeva Dream, plays the raped jogger and the prisoner with the dildo
  • Natacha Delyro as Natacha, plays the blonde guard
  • Nathalie [8] as Chloé, plays the raped horse-rider and the demented prisoner
  • Southan plays the Asian guard
  • Wendy plays the kidnapped daughter
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Christophe Clark plays the demented doctor
  • Eric Weiss plays the rapist
  • Piotr Stanislas, as Stanislas, plays the warden
  • Christopher Rage plays guard 1
  • Ivan plays guard 2
  • Philippe Soine, nonsex and uncredited, plays the husband / father of the kidnapped girls

A reworking of the Silence of the Lambs movie.

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