< Le Droit de cuissage

Released: 1979 (released 1980)
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes: 1 hr 19 mins, also features Serena (iafd), Alpha France DVD (1 hr 12 mins) with Parties carées campagnardes and Les Nymphomanes
Alternate Titles
  • Amours très intimes pour couples 1981 re-release title
  • Attrazioni fake Italian title
  • Cheating Couples Alpha France English cover title
  • Le Dévoyeur video title
  • Weiche Schenkel West Germany
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan, plays Vincent
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Gérald
  • Dominique Aveline plays Mr Paul
  • Cyril Val as Alain Fouduron
  • Thierry de Brem
  • Pjotr Stanislas as Yvan Slave
  • Jacques Marbeuf, uncredited, non-sex
  • Gilbert Servien
  • Oliver Mathot, uncredited, non-sex

A review of the German version, Weiche Schenkel.

Elisabeth Bure plays the leading role. She's involved in almost every scene, banging almost every guy more than once. Richard Lemieuvre is her husband. He thinks her an awful bore, but she turns out to be an insatiate nymphomaniac.

The film begins ... panties fall to the ground. Fingers straddle a pussy. A cock penetrates from behind. Elisabeth's face turns around. She has just finished her preparations for a cocktail party and the first guests will shortly arrive.

Richard pulls out his cock and asks her to suck it. She refuses because it stinks. After he has cleaned his cock in a flower vase she gives head. She strokes his cock in her mouth and after a while he jerks off.

Suddenly the bell rings. A couple (Danielle David and Thierry de Brem) arrives. The two girls welcome each other with a kiss. Danielle notices sperm on Elisabeth's cheek. She puts it on her finger tip and gets a taste of it.

This seems to quicken her appetite. While Elisabeth welcomes more and more guests Danielle and Richard disappear from sight. In a storage room she goes to her knees to blow Richard. Thierry catches them out. He's just watching them. After she has sucked Richard, Danielle starts serving her husband.

Meanwhile the party guests follow their pleasure. Incredible Serena is the centre of attention. First she gives Pjotr Stanislas head. Then she is fucked by Gabriel Pontello on a glass table. She gives him a fantastic blowjob and strokes him off in her mouth. With a wanton look she licks off her fingers and kisses her husband (played by Gilbert Servien).

Elisabeth obviously feels uncomfortable with the situation. Her husband requests her to have sex in front of the audience but she runs away. She returns to watch Serena and Gabriel.


Elisabeth is lying on the same glass table. One hand strokes her nipples the other fingers her wet pussy. Her eyes are closed. Obviously she's dreaming of Gabriel. She rings him up and makes a date. They get together in his apartment. After having sex she returns home.

Richard is already waiting for her. She blows him. He licks her pussy. He takes her missionary before he comes in her mouth. After that she has some anal action with Gabriel observed by Richard and even the neighbour (Dominique Aveline). Home again she gives her waiting husband another wet blowjob.

She visits Gabriel for a third time and has sex with him. Her husband and the neighbor spy on her again. She doesn't know that all the guys are playing a tricky game with her.

When she leaves the appartment the neighbour opens his door and invites her in for sex. Otherwise he would tell her husband the truth. First she refuses but then she changes her mind. He fucks her doggie style and anal.

In the next scene she's fucked by Gabriel again. Richard who has a key for the apartment observes them. At home he bangs her - doggie anal.

Back in Gabriel's appartment she's fucked in the ass again. When she leaves the neighbor intercepts her. In his apartment she sucks him off.

Next she has a threesome with Gabriel and another guy (Cyril Val). Richard arrives and plays the fooled husband. He fucks his wife doggie style while she's blowing Cyril.

The neighbour is already waiting for her. He forces her to have sex with a young girl (Margareth) in his appartment. While both girls suck Dominique's dick Richard arrives. Elisabeth runs away. Both guys have DP with the young girl.

Elisabeth is ready now for the last step.

Again she's the hostess of a big party. Danielle David and Pjotr Stanislas are talking to each other. Elisabeth enters the scene. She takes away his glass of champagne and kneels down. She opens his trousers and starts sucking his dick surrounded by the surprised audience. He cums in her mouth as she jerks him off.

Now she picks out a guy for real sex. It's Cyril Val. After she has taken off her clothes she lies down on a carpet. Cyril fucks her missionary. Meanwhile Serena starts sucking various guys supported by Danielle and Margareth. Serena strokes off a guy in her mouth while another one shoots his load on her back. Various people participate in the action. Elisabeth does Cyril cowgirl style and she strokes him off on her belly.

This is one of my all-time favourites. Breathtaking non-stop action. Sexy Serena and Elisabeth Bure are totally unashamed. The movie offers almost everything: facials, anal, threesome action and sex with audience. A must see.


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