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Released: 1983
Director: Isabel Mulá as I. Mark Lane
Notes: Spain/France, co-production of Films Dara and France Continental Films, softcore, 82 mins. Shot and certified (in Spain) in 1982. Rumours of a French hardcore version not yet confirmed.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Robert Gras plays Victor Kinski
  • Jaime Bascu, as Jimmy Bask, plays Humberto
  • Jordi Batalla, as Jack Battle, plays Francisco
  • Jean Paul Perrier plays the Guest

Plot Synopsis -

Victor Kinski, a writer of erotic fiction, lives an aimless, troubled existence as a result of the death of his wife Lucía, who committed suicide as a result of his overbearing demands on her. After a chance meeting with an old flame, Miriam, he takes up residence in her country villa and subjects his new partner to much the same domineering treatment as was endured by his late wife. But as far as Victor is concerned, nobody can be a satisfying substitute for Lucía, whose memory still torments him in his dreams. The writer’s hold on reality becomes all the more fragile when he chances upon a local girl named Luisa, whose appearance is identical to Lucía’s. Convinced that the woman he has seen is Lucía, Victor devises a scheme to bring her into the villa, counting on the help of the submissive Miriam.

Nzoog Wahlrfhehen (3/10/08)

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