< Déculottez vous les starlettes

Released: 1977
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: re-released 1980, 79 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • Playmate Anal(e) Diaphilms
  • The Starlets
  • Les Starlettes n'ont pas de culottes a subtitle
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Guy Royer
  • Cyril Val

During the Cannes Cinema Festival, two young would-be actresses walk about on the Croisette. They are spotted by a photographer who is looking for new faces and who introduces them to a producer and his secretary. From then on, their life has nothing to do with cinema and much to do with sex and orgies. The film ends with their signing of a contract.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

Review notes by John.h2 -

Credits (in listed order): Guy Royer, Alain Ximay, Bernard Petipas, Christine Chamoine, Anouchka, Iris

Cast -

  • Elisabeth Buré plays the secretary)
  • Anouchka plays a would-be actress
  • Diane Dubois, non-sex, topless on beach
  • Unknown Brunette1 plays a would-be actress - XNK0862
  • Unknown Brunette2 - XNK0863
  • Unknown Brunette3 - XNK0864

Male cast -

  • Cyril Val, prseumably as Alain Ximay, plays the photographer
  • Guy Royer plays the producer
  • Unknown Male, presumably Bernard Petipas

Review (4/12/2003)

This video has very obviously been transferred from film. Overall the quality is good although pictorially there are occasional continuity issues which leads me to think that it was shortened on transfer - presumably due to poor quality source film. The film was also noticably shot in such a way as to easily remove the hardcore sections and therefore includes softcore sections (some obvious ones).

The main female players in the film are Unknown Brunette1 and Anouchka.

Scene 1: Unknown Brunette1, Unknown Blonde, Elisabeth Buré, Cyril Val, Guy Royer

The film opens at the Cannes Film Festival primarily following Unknown brunette1 through the crowds but occasionally looking at the scenery. The camera spends some time focusing on a topless blonde putting on sun tan lotion (looks like Diane Dubois). This sequence is also spliced with scenes of Elisabeth Buré and Guy Royer on board a yacht (bj).

Soon we see Unknown brunette1 and Anouchka totally nude at the end of a promenade posing for the many cameras surrounding them. After a while the girls dress and head off to a nearby Café for drinks.

While at the Café they are approached by a photographer (Cyril Val) who takes some photographs and then engages them in conversation. They agree to his proposition and he leaves to another part of the Café where the producer (Guy Royer) and his secretary (Elisabeth Buré) are seated. The producer goes over to our two 'would-be actresses' and has a discussion with them into which are spliced scenes of Unknown brunette1 in hardcore action (which we see again in Scene 5).

Scene 2: Unknown Brunette1, Anouchka, Cyril Val, Guy Royer, Elisabeth Buré, Unknown Male3

Later the two girls (Unknown brunette1 & Anouchka) meet Cyril Val & Guy Royer at the yacht which is moored in a marina. Once at sea we note that Elisabeth Buré and Unknown Male3 are also present on the boat. The 3 girls and 2 men go to the bows of the boat for drinks served to them by Unknown Male3. Elisabeth takes her top off to sunbathe. Very soon the other two girls are also topless. The scene suddenly cuts.

Scene 3: Unknown Male3, Unknown brunette1, Anouchka, Cyril Val, Guy Royer, Elisabeth Buré

Back on the mainland a car pulls into a house. The car is being driven by Unknown Male3 and the passengers are Unknown brunette1 and Anouchka. Round the back of the house are Cyril Val, Guy Royer and Elisabeth Buré.

After a while they pair off. Cyril Val and Guy Royer walk in the garden. Anouchka gives Guy Royer a blow job. Elisabeth Buré watches until she can take no more whereupon she jumps up and pulls Anouchka off. The two girls then walk in the garden and kiss.

Meanwhile Cyril Val and Unknown brunette1 have arrived at the pool. He throws her into the pool and then follows to rip off her clothes. Once out of the water he carries her to a grassy area underneath a statue holding a flute (bj, reverse cowgirl). The two girls have continued with their caressing and kissing (69, fingers including anally).

During this Elisabeth Buré gets up and goes to a telephone (conveniently located in the grass) and makes a call to another extension conveniently located in the grass by the statue. Cyril Val answers and the two describe to each other what they are doing.

After a while Guy Royer comes upon the two girls and throws down a double ended dildo which Elisabeth Buré immediately uses on Anouchka. She then sits on the other end herself - effectively in reverse cowgirl which then switches to cowgirl.

Suddenly Cyril Val is also present and Elisabeth Buré is tossing him off over the top of Anouchka who sits up and gives him a blow job which then becomes more (b/g, cowgirl, bj, b/g, cumshot)

Scene 4: Unknown brunette1, Elisabeth Buré, Anouchka, Cyril Val, Guy Royer, Unknown Male3

The scene opens with the 3 girls, Cyril Val and Guy Royer leaving the boat in the Marina. It has been raining. Above the Marina is the house and once there they pair off. Anouchka with Royer, Unknown brunette1 on her own, Elisabeth Buré with Val. They have drink and sandwiches.

Suddenly Cyril Val starts ripping Elisabeth Buré's clothes off. Then grabbing a sandwich he carries her off onto the lawn. Using the butter from the sandwich he lubes her anus. Then anal during which he pours a can of beans and sausages over her body - she blows some of the sausages, cumshot. Watching all of this from the long grass is Unknown Male3 who is masturbating to the scene before him - cumshot.

Scene 5: Unknown brunette1, Elisabeth Buré, Anouchka, Cyril Val, Guy Royer, Unknown Male3, Unknown brunette2, Unknown brunette3

Later Unknown brunette1 and Royer are looking through the window into the house. Unknown Male3 is dusting the fruit. After he leaves the two go into the house. After a while they peel a banana and Unknown brunette gives it a blow job, then eats part and rubs the remainder including the skin over her body. Meanwhile Unknown Male3 has partly opened the door and is masturbating while watching them.

Royer selects another banana and pulls off its skin to reveal that it's really a dildo - which Unknown brunette1 then uses. Unknown Male3 - cumshot.

By now Elisabeth Buré, Anouchka and Cyril Val have arrived and firstly watch through the window before joining the party inside. The all have a drink. Unknown Male3 returns with three blindfolds for the girls. Once blindfolded the men coax the girls orally with a banana, a cucumber, a huge dildo and a double ended dildo.

Meanwhile Unknown Male3 is masturbating to a magazine and dreaming..The dream sequence involves Unknown brunette2 and Unknown brunette3 who start off both using a dildo. Then Unknown brunette3 uses a 'Cat-o'-Nine-tails' handle on Unknown brunette2 followed by a strap on dildo, 69, dildo anally plus being whipped whereupon Unknown Man3 cums onto the glass panel of the door.

Back in reality the girls are by now giving the men blow jobs and also remove their blindfolds.

Unknown brunette1 accompanies Cyril Val and Guy Royer to the bedroom (bj x 2, b/g x 2 (some faked), cumshot).

Elisabeth Buré and Anouchka go to the bathroom. Unknown Male3 follows them, watching through the door and masturbating. g/g. Unknown Male3 enters the bathroom just as he cums then he jumps in the bath with them. They push him underwater until he escapes and leaves.

Scene 6: Guy Royer, Unknown brunette1, Anouchka

Royer has the film contract. The girls arrive and sit down. All three sign the contract.

The film ends with further scenes from the Cannes Film Festival.

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