< Debora's Castle

Released: 1997
Director: Gabriel Pontello as Gabriella Ponti
Notes: DBM, Debora DA 007 / DDA007, features Kelly Hearne as Anita Morgan; also on DBM Classics 9 DVD with Act Studio
Alternate Titles
  • Debora 7 - Debora's Castle
  • Sono una depravata C & R (Italy) CR1096
Notes and Reviews

Females credited - Anita Morgan, Debora Coeur, Daisy Face, Candice La Foret, Nadia Uracco, and Jane Bass. Kelly Hearne is probably credited as either Anita Morgan or Jane Bass.

Males -

  • Joe Kalinka
  • David Perry
  • Yves Baillat
  • Enrico Luna

The setting is a house apparently being let out by Debora for David Perry and co. to conduct some pornographic photo shoots. Debora collars Johnny Montana and treats him to a blowjob. They have sex on the steps of the house and Debora, in stockings and a dress, looking slightly thin and over-made-up, gives him a lively ride with anal included. He comes on her stomach and pubic hair.

The action cuts back and forth to another scene, where David gets a quick blowjob from a tall, tattooed woman (XNK0843,. could be Nadia Uracco – also credited as being in Tunnel of Ecstasy, from the Dolly Buster – The Lady Publisher series) before guiding her and a burly stud through a photo shoot. The woman has a strong look: wiry, slim body, meaty pussy lips and large clit, nose stud and, most strikingly, a huge tattoo over much of her back and wears a silvery, shimmering outfit at first, stripping to fine mesh white stockings and clunky high heels. She gives the guy head and they fuck. It’s energetic but unmemorable sex featuring anal and come in her mouth.

David Perry orders Johnny into the set, and on finding Johnny has already shot his bolt, Debora suggests David should perform with the two girls he already has warming up with soft “lesbian” play. Debora blows David then leaves him to the two girls. One, XNK0844, is dark haired, has a shoulder tattoo of a crescent moon design, and has small boobs and fine legs, though her looks are a little hard. The other, auburn-haired XNK0845, is very attractive with pale skin and auburn hair. Both wear black stockings and take turns riding David’s cock quite nergetically. Dark hair goes into doggy; David pushes the red head in place to fist the dark haired girl, who also takes David’s cock in her bum at the same time. David finally comes on the auburn-haired girl’s face.

Yves Baillat shows up and after some fairly irrelevant chat with Debora, she joins with Yves’s tall, strawberry blonde companion, British model Kelly Hearne (small devil tattoo on bum, reads “cuddly little devil”), in sucking Yves. The scantily clad maid, Candice La Foret, is a lush bodied black woman, who joins in too. Yves has sex with his “cuddly little devil”, while Debora strips to her lingerie and stockings and has Candice fist her deeply. Fisting with simultaneous anal action for Debora again rounds off a strong, fast moving scene; Yves shares his come with the other two.

This scene is spliced with another, where Johnny Montana gets together with the girls he should have joined earlier, the dark haired girl with the crescent tattoo (XNK0844) and the pretty red head, XNK0845. The girls slip off their dresses and look good in stockings and heels. The action is similar fare to the scene with David, but with more anal, as Johnny leaps from one girl to the other, and ack. It’s all quite animated and ends with come on their faces.

The final scene is something of a rush through. David and the burly cocksman are having sex with the tattooed brunette (XNK0843) from the second scene when Debora joins in. The brunette has already had oral, vaginal and anal sex with David, while sucking the other guy, and now she fists Debora, who strokes the guys off while vigorously writhing on the hand. Brevity is the key, and we soon see each woman taking come on her face. The titles roll with indecent haste.

Gabriel Nine

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