< Dr. Fist und seine heissen Stuten

Released: 1997
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, 89108, see also bgafd
Alternate Titles
  • Faust Fucker - Dirty Doctor
  • Faust Fucker 8: Dr. Fist und seine heissen Stuten
  • Fist-Anal und Schweinereien
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alain L'Yle, as Alain Poudensan, plays Dr. Fist
  • David Perry
  • Joel Ortega

Female credits -

  • Natascha Grove - probably refers to this Natasha aka Susie
  • Lisa Lucy probably refers to Lisa Stretton
  • Nadine Rouge probably refers to Nadine Torres
  • Nathalie Leblanc
  • Viviane Freedom probably refers to Vivienne Perello
  • Natascha Fraud (is Natasha Grove credited twice?)
  • Lucy Harrod may refer to Leanne

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