< Doppel-Loch

Released: 1994
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Maximum Perversum
Alternate Titles
  • Paris Fucks
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • David Perry
  • Joe Calzone as Jean Yves le Castel
  • Richard Langin (Voisin)
  • Joe Murphy
  • Yves Baillat
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • two unidentified males

Scene 1: Channone. She enters a Cafe and starts playing the pinball. Two men are sitting at a nearby table. Dream sequence starts. bj, anal, dp, they cum on her hair. As she comes to from the dream sequence she is propositioned by one of the men, she runs away leaving behind her handbag.

Scene 2: Channone, Liza. Back at their flat Channone recounts her tale to Liza. Liza has a dream sequence. bj, anal.

Scene 3: Channone & Liza. Bathroom sequence. g/g, 3 fingers on Channone, full fist on Liza.

Scene 4: Draghixa, Channone. Night time at the flat Channone gets a drink of milk from the fridge and sits down to read a book. She has a dream sequence. Roman scene, man playing a flute with a garland of daisies on his head (Richard Voisin?). Draghixa is sitting next to him listening. bj, anal, no cum shot. Channone has been masturbating during this sequence and as Draghixa leaves she dreams herself into the sequence. Hand job, cum shot Back in reality Channone closes the book she was reading and it has cum on it - nice touch.

Scene 5: Lorence. One of the men from Scene 1 rings Channone using the address book from her handbag. They arrange to meet so he can return it. Meanwhile down the stairs comes Lorence. Brunette with light tints, short to shoulder length curling under. Roundish face, long neck. No piercings or tattoos. Anal during which she has a very prominent clit.

Scene 6: Man delivers handbag to Channone's flat. She takes it from him and slams the door in his face.

Scene 7: Channone, Liza, Christelle. Channone and Liza enter a 'Nude Show' establishment. The show hasn't started yet so they sit down and talk. Various men move into seating nearby as the sex show starts (with Christelle and 2 men). bj/hand job alternating, reverse cowgirl & bj, anal, cowgirl, dp. At this stage a man whispers to Liza. She says no and shakes her head. But they still go to the washroom. anal, cum shot Man leaves immediately and another one appears a few seconds later, Liza is still naked. bj, cum shot. Meanwhile back on the stage the act finishes with cum shots. The players bow and leave the stage.

Comment: Very weak cum shots. Even for 1994 the girl had a lot of hair. I wonder if these three were an actual Sex Show act brought in for the scene.

The seated men get up and close in on Channone. Many hands on many body parts (maybe 5 or 6 men). They all wank over her. Afterwards one man stays and cleans her up with his handkerchief. He then leaves. Two more men appear and a bj follows. Channone then closes her eyes. Was this another dream sequence? Probably. Channone is now crouching down outside the 'Nude Show' establishment and seems to be upset. A passing man comforts her and they leave.

Scene 8: Channone. Back at the flat with the man at the end of the last scene. Reverse cowgirl to arching right back over the top of him (ouch), anal.


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