< Débutantes nymphomanes pour Messieurs solitaires

Released: 1984
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: Tanagra Productions and FFCM / Alpha France, opening credits Débutantes nymphomanes (visa no. 58709), end credits Messieurs solitaires (visa no. 58710)
Alternate Titles
  • Débutantes nymphomanes on-screen title, video release
  • Cathy Stewart plays the secretary
  • Diane Suresne plays the noisy neighbor and the customer in the fur coat
  • Laura Heymann plays the blonde customer in red lingerie and the crying customer wearing a brown wig
  • Macha uncredited, plays the customer in a blonde wig
  • Michelle Villers as Sophie Villers, plays the robber
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray plays Léo, the taxi driver
  • Patrick Marin plays the noisy neighbour and a customer

This is another one of Aubin's films of the period which features the revolving circular bed.

The story is that of Léo (Alban Ceray) who after an ill-fated love affair notices one night that his neighbour is busy with a girl (Diane Suresne) who, after their session, leaves talking about her wish that taxi drivers were not bolder. This gives Léo the idea of becoming a taxi driver.

The plot is not clear whether the next three scenes are fantasies or real. Any way they involve Léo with a blonde passenger (the masturbating and exhibitionist sort), later joined by Diane Suresne. (The copy I have jumps parts of the scene, so the reason for Diane Suresne's presence is unclear.)

Léo tells us about these two experiences as dreams so from now we must assume that he has become a real taxi driver. And so his first real encounter involves Michèle Villers toying with a gun. She's in charge and replaces her gun with Léo's warmer tool. (Didn't John Lennon sing a penis is a warm gun? Or was it happiness?)

Léo ponders over his first two experiences as casting him in the part of the male submitted to the will of his female passengers.

Night time again and the next fare is a sobbing girl dumped by her lover. Two seconds later she's filled by our hero's lust - Is that what being taken for a ride means? (A nice brunette looking a lot like Sophie Guers with smaller breasts.)

Léo explains that his taxi driver job is a night occupation, he works in fact in an agency. His voice goes on telling us about the time he gave a ride to one of the secretaries he works with at the office, who didn't recognise him and behaved very boldly with her companion in his taxi.

His next passenger is indeed a very beautiful example of an exhibitionist platinum blonde. She expresses her wish to be banged by two men which turns into reality when a male customer hires the taxi. Léo suggests going to his place and there they go at it, the three of them. Don't know who this girl is but she sure has a wonderful body to mine slowly ageing eyes. I like the way Alban Ceray runs his hands on her beautiful body. Nice scene indeed.

Next scene, Léo phones one of his previous night's encounters to ask her to come to his place. The door bell rings. Enters Cathy Stewart (as Geneviève, the hot secretary mentioned before?) who soon lets him put his hands - and the rest - inside her knickers. The bell rings again. This time there enters the girl he had called (the brunette looking like Sophie Guers). Anyway, threesome for all!

Léo decides to keep in touch with Cathy Stewart and share his erotic adventures with her. First they spy on the neighbour and his partner - can they see them or just hear? Mystery... His off voice tells us about Cathy Stewart driving his taxi and bringing him female passengers. The film ends on a foursome involving our taxi driver, Cathy Stewart, Michèle Villers and the brunette looking like Sophie Guers.


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