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Released: 2005
Director: John Walton
Notes: 21Sextury.com Productions
Notes and Reviews

Scene 1: Summer Holiday Hooters

Simony Diamond with males Leslie Taylor & Bob Terminator.

Simony takes a walk towards the river were she boards a speedboat and heads out towards a private beach. She undresses and bathes nude on her American flag towel. Leslie and Bob, who are at the beach, decide to approach her to see if she is game for some action. Both men fondle Simony before she starts to give both guys a hand job followed by a BJ for both men. Then they take turns on penetrating her while one is still receiving a BJ. They change positions and Simony gets penetrated from behind while she continues to BJ one guy. Vaginal penetration follows anal. Simony then rides one guy and the sexual tension rises up a level and there soon follows a DP from behind. They change positions and DP Simony to the point where she is screaming as these guys screw her hard. Simony gives them a final BJ and HJ to a facial cum shot.

Scene 2: Handy Hunks on Extra Service

Lara Craft with males Nick Lang & Lauro Giotto.

One guy is working on a car at a garage while the other is reading a newspaper. Lara arrives in her blue car and talks to both men. She sits on a car seat perched outside in the front to reveal her shaven pussy to tease the guys. As one guy licks her pussy the other receives a BJ. The guy licking her penetrates her. They change positions so that one guy is riding her while the other gets a BJ from her. Lara is groaning and grunting at this point. She is taken from behind by one of the men while she sucks off the other. Lara then rides one guy on the car seat and the other guy soon follows and we have a DP scene. This is pretty much the same formula as the first scene as they turn her over to the front to DP her again. Lara is then flat on her back while one guy has anal-sex with her and the other guy is receiving a HJ. The guy giving her anal soon ejaculates over her pussy and the other one ejaculates over her breasts. He forces his cock in her mouth then back out again. Lara opens her pussy and one of the guys spits on it. She rubs her clitoris.

Scene 3: Horny Hitchhiker

Jacqueline Stone with males Bob Terminator & Roly Reeves.

Jacqueline is stranded on the highway as her car has broken down. She sticks out her hand to try and get a lift, but to no avail. She opens her leg, raises her short skirt up and before you know it two studs stop for her to give her a helping hand. They can't fix her car so she decides to go back with the two guys to their place. They waste no time once they arrive at the house as both of them get tucked into Jacqueline, sucking her breasts and licking her pussy. She gives one guy a BJ while the other inserts his finger in her pussy. The guy inserting his finger decides to penetrate her while she continues to blow the other guy on the couch. Jacqueline is taken from behind with one guy penetrating her pussy and then her ass while the other is receiving a BJ. The guys change ends so that one receives a BJ and the other gets to have anal-sex with her. This is followed by a DP scene, sticking to the same formula as scenes 1 and 2. The scene ends with a facial.

Scene 4: Peek-a-boo

Vica Ryder with males Julius & Victor.

Vica strips off to sleep on her sun bed, while Julius and Victor are cleaning the windows outside the villa. Vica enters an indoor pool while both men watch her from outside enjoying the view. She realises that they are looking and she thrusts her ass up and down in the water to tease the men. She gets out of the water, dries her self and dresses, putting on a pair of black fishnet stockings and a pink top. Both men enter the villa and fondle Vica. Her leg is pulled up and one guy begins to lick and kiss her backside. They set up on the couch as Vica sucks one guy while the other licks her pussy and fingers her. Soon followed by one guy penetrating her while the other gets a BJ. They all decide to strip off at this point and Vica keeps on her stockings and high heels. She gets taken from behind and sucks off one guy on the couch. She is given anal-sex by one guy and this is followed by a DP in both back and front positions. Scene ends in a facial blast!

Scene 5: Budapest Vacation

Angel Dark with males James Brossman & Frank Major.

Angel is outdoors in her blue dress enjoying the sunshine near a historical building. She is approached by James and Frank who try to impress her and ask her to come for a ride in their car. While one of the guys is driving the other takes advantage of Angel and caresses her breasts. They take her to a nice lush summer house where both men take advantage of her by getting her to strip off then give them a BJ and HJ. Angel soon begins to ride one guy while sucking the other one. She then rides the guy she was sucking and begins to blow the other man. Angel is lent over the couch as she gets anal-sex from one of them and BJ the other. Angel at this point is ready to receive a DP; so both men go straight for it as she is made to groan. Both men penetrate her so hard their balls are glowing red in the heat even though the scene is indoors. Angel finishes them both off with a quick BJ & HJ. She receives a facial cum shot and gets sprayed all over her body.

Running time 2 hours 6mins.

DVD: No Regional Codes.


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