< Dames de compagnie

Released: 1980
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes: Shangrila Productions and FFCM / Alpha France, 78 mins. (79 mins. on video)
Alternate Titles
  • Damas de compania Spain
  • Les Femmes Mariées Blue One DVD title, 1 hr 9 mins.(with Les Maitresses and Les Esclaves Sexuelles)
  • Sexrageous 1986 Caballero, topped and tailed by added American footage, 82 mins.
  • Tormenti ... di bocche insaziabili Italy
Notes and Reviews

In the American release, the opening credits read: "FFCM et Shangrila Productions presents, SexRageous, un film de Burd TRANBAREE". The title is clearly an inserted fullscreen.

Taija Rae (non-sex) introduces the "movie" SexRageous, talking to someone off-camera, by basically saying: I found this film and it was really hot. The film Dames de compagnie gets shown, then Taija comes back on at the end and looks for reaction to how hot the film was, blabs about how hot another French film is and asks if she can leave.

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan in the Blue One DVD end credits, plays Philippe
  • Jacques Gatteau, as Jacques Gato in the Blue One DVD end credits, plays Marcel
  • Omar Faudel, as Hoss Malbrouck in the Blue One DVD end credits, though, on Encyclociné, Moss Malbrouck appears among the females
  • Hubert Géral plays Albert
  • Alban Ceray plays Léon
  • Gabriel Pontello (as giovanni according to Le Dictionnaire.
  • Guy Royer


  1. Elisabeth Buré, Nadine Roussial, Laura Clair, Nicole Segaud, Richard Lemieuvre - BJ only in this scene
  2. Elisabeth Buré, Nicole Segaud, Jacques Gatteau - BJ only in this scene
  3. Lucie Doll, Richard Lemieuvre, Jacques Gatteau - DP in this scene
  4. Anna Veruska, Nadine Roussial, Omar Faudel, Richard Lemieuvre
  5. Elisabeth Buré, light-skinned black woman (XNK6593, anal), Hubert Géral, Alban Ceray
  6. Anna Veruska, Richard Lemieuvre - No cumshot
  7. Lucie Doll, Omar Faudel, Gabriel Pontello... Laura Clair, Guy Royer, Anna Veruska, Hubert Géral... Elisabeth Buré, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud (uses a cucumber as a dildo), Jacques Gatteau, Richard Lemieuvre
  8. Anna Veruska, Richard Lemieuvre - no completion

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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