< Danger in the Night

Released: 2006
Director: Andrea Nobili
Notes: Italy, ATV; USA, H2 Video; Germany, Tabu
Alternate Titles
  • La Fille du Parrain Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males in opening credits -

  • Andrea Nobili
  • Francesco Malcom
  • Luciano Triti, non-sex
  • Marco Nero
  • Omar Williams as Big Willy
  • Robert Rosenberg as Robert Rosemberg
  • Omar Galanti
  • Fausto Moreno
  • Kevin Long
  • Giorgio Grandi
  • Franco Trentalance, non-sex

In the end credits names at first appear against screenshots of the performers referred to (these seem to be either sex roles or speaking roles) -

  • Andrea Nobili
  • Katty Anderson
  • Claudia Rossi
  • Nikki Sun
  • Erica Neri
  • Federico (Federico de Vincenzo, non-sex)
  • Kikka
  • Francesco Malcom
  • Gene (non-sex)
  • Franco Trentalance (non-sex)
  • Marco Nero
  • Fausto Moreno
  • Omar Galanti
  • Kevin Long
  • Luciano Triti (non-sex)
  • Rossana Red

Then the rest of the cast are listed with no pictures, but in two sets. First performers with sex roles -

  • Simona Dark
  • Big Willy
  • Giorgio Grandi
  • Robert Rosemberg (sic)

Then, after a line space, non-sex and/or non-speaking roles. (Apart from Vittoria, any females in this category have not been listed in the database) -

  • Federico Neri
  • Molfetta Giovanni
  • Jimmy
  • Miro da Nola
  • Nicola Sardela (Nic Noodles)
  • David Fabri
  • Gianni Grappa
  • Vittoria
  • Franco Sisti
  • Gianni Piscopo

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