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Released: 1987
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard and Michel Caputo
Notes: made in 1986
Alternate Titles
  • Passions anales Fil à Film video
  • Privat Lektion Doppel-anal Ribu VHS title
  • Privat Lektionen anal Ribu
Notes and Reviews

Credited cast -

  • Marilyn Strong (not clear who this is meant to be)
  • Sophie Fibelle
  • Sonia Lendle
  • Alain Lyle

Uncredited cast -

  • at least four other males
  • Sandy Flesh
  • Marina Borringer
  • Chris Lerique
  • one other female
  • William Grey
  • Pierre Costa

Shot back to back with Initiation d'une jeune marquise.

A blonde female meets a male cyclist and takes him home - b/g in bedroom, doggy, looking out of the window.

b/g/g in kitchen - Alain Lyle, the chef, a blonde (Chris Lerique) and a brunette (Marina Borringer).

Sophie Fibelle, Sandy Flesh and male arrive in a car. In the house Sophie Fibelle goes off while Sandy Flesh and male have sex on a table with her holding on to the chandelier.

Meanwhile Sophie Fibelle prepares for a bath, but discovers a young man and has sex in the bedroom.

Lyle is on the phone to a man. He also talks to Sophie Fibelle. Then b/b/g/g - Fibelle, Flesh, male and Lyle. Fibelle double anal.

Then another foursome with Lerique replacing Fibelle.

In the conservatory - Fibelle and three men (including Lyle).

Games in field - Sophie Fibelle as a dominatrix (cloak, leather trousers, but topless and dark glasses), Alain Lyle in red underpants, second male tied to tree. b/g.

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