< Doppio contatto anale

Released: 1994
Director: Mario Bianchi as Tony Yanker
Notes: FM Video
Notes and Reviews


  1. Milly, Moana
  2. Milly D'Abbraccio (b/g), Lengin
  3. Moana (b/g), Pussycat (anal), JPA
  4. Milly (anal), Rocco
  5. Pussycat, Vampirella, Moana [brief les]
  6. Moana (DP), Lengin, JPA
  7. Milly (cumshot only), Rocco
  8. Milly, Moana (BJs only), Cal Jammer
  9. Moana (DP), Pussycat (DP), Rocco, Lengin
  10. Milly (strap-on only), Vampirella (DP with anal strap-on), Rocco

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