< O Davatzis tis Omonias

Released: 1984
Director: Nassos Spyris (Thanassis Kaspiris) as Berto
Notes: Greece, Elite Film, c. 94 mins. English translation: "The Pimp of Omonia Square"
Alternate Titles
  • Frénésie anale et sexes goulus Dir. falsely credited to Félicien Dran France
  • O Ntavatzis tis Omonias alternative rendering into the Roman alphabet
  • Elina Savva possibly as Aliki Petropoulou, plays Suzie
  • Iris [4] as Iris Louloudi, plays Iris (or Irene in the French version)
  • Katerina Vanessa possibly as Jenny Fotopoulou, plays Katerina (or Kathy in the French version)
  • Monika Dimitriou possibly as Jenny Fotopoulou, plays Maria
  • XNK2493 uncredited, plays a foreign girl picked up by Pavlos
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Pavlos Karanikolas plays Pavlos, the pimp
  • Kostas Samaras plays Kostas
  • Angelos Panagopoulos, uncredited
  • four more uncredited males

In the original Greek VHS version, the following performers are credited: Pavlos Karanikolas, Aliki Petropoulou, Kostas Samaras, Jenny Fotopoulou and Iris Louloudi. Overall, six girls and seven males do appear, all of them taking part in the sex scenes.

Plot Summary –

Pavlos runs a photo shop in downtown Athens, near Omonia Square. But this activity is only a cover up for his main, and favourite, occupation - that is being a pimp to girls about to become (or already working as) prostitutes. Pavlos first meets Iris, a girl whose pimp has recently been imprisoned. She agrees to work for him and immediately proves her sexual talents. She suggests that her friend Suzie could also work with him. Pavlos agrees, but insists that his friend and partner Kostas should rather be the one to check out Suzie’s potential. Kostas discovers Suzie’s insatiable appetite, especially for anal sex. A third girl, Anna, picked up by Pavlos at a café (a foreign girl, probably a real-life hooker), is the next one to prove to both friends why she deserves to work for them. Later on, Iris invites her sister, the tattooed-girl Maria, to join their activities, an invitation which she gladly accepts (in a sex scene with Angelos Panagopoulos).

Pavlos and Kostas have been contacted by a big client, who is interested in getting into some kinkier stuff. They decide to send him to both Anna and Katerina (a long-haired, plump, blonde dominatrix). A steamy sex scene begins, in which the client, after putting on some red female underwear and stockings, eagerly fucks both girls, but only after he gets Katerina’s finger in his ass. Meanwhile, Suzie picks up a guy in the street and has sex with him, while Pavlos furiously fucks a foreign girl (probably another South-east-Asian real-life hooker, XNK 2493?) in some cheap hotel room. Later on, Katerina is visited at her own place by two guys, who fuck her inside a heart-shaped bathtub. The film ends with a big orgy scene, involving sisters Iris and Suzie, Pavlos, Angelos Panagopoulos and the kinky client mentioned above. This time, Panagopoulos fucks Iris and Pavlos takes care of Maria (anal sex included here). After they both come, it’s high time that the kinky client gets his share of the girls. The guy gets simultaneously a blowjob by Iris and a finger-fuck by Maria. The other guys, watching the whole scene, do however warn him in a humiliating way that, if he’s not able to get a hard-on, they will probably have to fuck him! That’s how this film (one of the better early productions by Berto, with nine good and hard sex scenes overall) comes to an abrupt end.

Information from skin flick (for the French version) and skatschko.

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