< Desiderando Emanuelle

Released: c. 1991
Director: Derek Worth (Mario Bianchi?)
Notes: FM Video (Italy)
Notes and Reviews

Cover-credits: Emanuelle Cristaldi, Angelica Bella (does not appear), Rocco Siffredi, Pussycat, Victoria. There were no screen-credits in the version viewed:

  1. Pussycat (anal), Yves Baillat
  2. Emanuelle (anal), Monique (anal), Jean-Pierre Armand
  3. Pussycat (anal), Siffredi
  4. Monique (anal), Rick Masters
  5. 6986 (anal), unknown male (wearing a ridiculous long black wig and moustache)
  6. Paulette, Baillat
  7. Pomodoro, Baillat.

The transfer is of pristine quality, although overly dark in some places.

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