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Released: 1980
Director: Yavuz Figenli as Yavuz Özfigen
Notes: Turkey, Barlik Film
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Levent Günsel plays Kemal
  • Çetin Basaran plays Halit, Zerrin's husband
  • Ali Tekin plays Leyla's partner
  • Celal Yonat plays Abbas, Halit's employee (non-sex)

Zerrin lives a monotonous life in a small town, married to Halit, a local thug who runs a motel. News is spread in the town that a man had robbed a wealthy landowner and got shot on the run. A wounded man named Kemal arrives at the motel. Halit understands that he's the robber and offers him a partnership. He tells Zerrin to seduce Kemal in order to get the money. Out of his growing affection for Zerrin, Kemal hands the money to Halit. Then, Halit sends a gangster couple to kill Kemal but he learns that they were hired by Halit, offers them more money, and has them spare his life. Then, Zerrin tells Kemal to murder Halit, which he does. Meanwhile, Zerrin's former crush Selim (a very familiar non-sex actor, yet unidentified) returns from Germany. Learning that Zerrin is now married, he comes to the motel, beats Zerrin, and kills Kemal. Policemen promptly rush to the crime scene.

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