< Dutch Treat

Released: 1975
Director: Navred Reef
Notes: USA, shot almost entirely in the Netherlands with Dutch female cast
Alternate Titles
  • Poel Der Ontucht 1977 Dutch title, video release in Netherlands by Video for Pleasure
  • Sexsemester I Amsterdam ? same film?
  • XNK6262 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited, plays Dutch Treat, the prostitute in the window
  • XNK6263 non-sex, plays Tina
  • XNK6264 non-sex, plays Muridan
  • XNK6265 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited
  • XNK6266 nude only
  • XNK6267 nude only
  • XNK6268 nude only
  • XNK6269 nude and masturbation only
  • XNK6270 nude only
  • XNK6271 nude only
  • XNK6272 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited
  • XNK6273 non-sex
  • XNK6274 nude only
  • XNK6275 nude only
  • XNK6276 nude only, plays Sandy
  • XNK6277 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited, plays Anja
  • XNK6278 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited, plays Goby
  • XNK6279 as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Roger Caine plays Chuck
  • Zebedy Colt plays Barney
  • two unidentified Dutch males have non-sex speaking parts and others appear in an orgy scene

Chuck and Barney win $10,000 at the races and go to Holland because Barney has been reading a tourist brochure called Sexy Europe and day dreaming about a busty prostitute sitting in a window. There they find the day dream - who says 'You can call me Dutch Treat' - but it is Chuck who has his way with her. After being rejected by a couple of Dutch girls in a bar because they are not Hollywood producers, they get hod of a film camera and pretend to be film makers in order to have their way with the girls who audition - or at least Chuck has his way with some of them. Two of the girls - Anja and Goby - are well aware that it is a scam and appear to be using Chuck and Barney to satisfy their own desires. They also attend an orgy. Finally, broke, they see an advert asking for males to appear in sex films. They respond, but it turns out that the advert was placed by two of the girls who had been offered the same part by them. the girls tie them up at gun point and give them blow jobs. But the girls have also reported them to the police and they are deported back to the USA in packing cases.

The credits say "Featuring Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois and 33 Dutch girls". the third female name given on iafd and imdb - Carrah Major-Minor - is nowhere to be seen, in this version at least (a Dutch release with English sound and Dutch subtitles). Assuming that the girls who appear in the orgy scene, those who strip at the auditions but do not have sex roles and the two girls in the bar are unlikely to be named, the note 'as Cristy Kluivers, Lucy Dubois or uncredited' is placed against only those girls who do have sex roles. These girls also have bigger speaking parts than the others.

No useful captures could be obtained from the orgy scene. Even with this scene, 33 (or 35) girls is an exaggeration.

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