< Dr Sex - Samlag är bästa medicinen!

Released: 2010
Director: Mike Beck and Franz Diesel
Notes: Nordic Adult Entertainment Sweden / Aktuell Rapport, also stars Isabella Kay (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Dr. Sex - Sex ist die beste Medizin 2011 Magma
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Mr. Martini plays Professor Dravel
  • Jens XP plays Kurt & Kennet
  • Mr. XXL plays Peder Asth
  • Kim Slim plays Göran, Mona's husband (also in scene repackaged from Jagad av sex)
  • Ash Lee plays Franke, Therese's boyfriend
  • Ronnie Jeremy as Ronnie plays a lab assistant
  • Åke Gustavsson, non-sex, plays Pär Värst, the hotel director
  • Mike Beck, non-sex, plays Commissioner Beck
  • Erik Fischer, non-sex, plays Inspector Fischer
  • Don DK in scene repackaged from Svenska Långt ner i halsen
  • Robin in scene repackaged from Nya Lolitan på landet
  • Mr. K in scene repackaged from I fiskarnas tecken

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