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Released: 1992
Director: W. O. M.
Notes: Goldlight, DVD-HS104-106 (screen) / DVD-HS4-6 (disc-label)
Alternate Titles
  • Dark Passion - Dunkle Leidenschaft full title of VHS part-release
  • Eiskalte gier 1993 Goldlight, softcore version
Notes and Reviews

This title was originally released in three parts, totalling just under 227 min; the DVD is a 'combi' version of 200 min. and is essentially complete. The discrepancy is accounted-for by the plot-recaps and repeated end-credit sequences in parts 2 and 3. In the breakdown below - taken from the DVD - the VHS parts correspond to, respectively, scc. 1-3, 4-7 and 8-10.

The breakdown only hints at the immense of amount of plot-filler in this title - at a rough estimate no more than 30% of the runtime is devoted to hardcore sex. Presumably this is because the producers started out with a plan to release a side-by-side softcore version. Perhaps as a result of this plan the credits are voluminous and seem to include anyone and everyone, perhaps even passers-by: "Joe Murphy, Petra Vinten, Mercy van Lingen, Rudolf Rogers, Melanie Wilder, Steve Strange, Carlo de Nova, Olaf Tenner, Enrique Diaz de Bethencourt, Katharina Roberts, Amanda Woolbridge, Mihaly Jccsik, Doc Ben, Kitty Leoni, Diederik G. Floerke, Dieter J. Hanewaker, Pedro Antonio Morales, Marcial Hernandez Exposito, Marta Crozuo, Eustaquio Hernandez Betancor, Francisco Javier Hernandez, Carmen Santos, Beata Chacin de Guerre, Olga Mirrerol, Miguel A. Cedres Dioz, Carmen-Rosa Placencia, Manuel Jesus Santiago Ramas, Rita Maria Santiago Ramas, Jore Luis Nortano Ramirez, Marcos Teo Rocio Garcie, Margarita Hernandez, Iris Berndt, Dieter Langeman, Frank Thomas, Bernadett Toth, Katalin Cseh, Agnes Ritter, Zoltan Toth... "and many more"". Fortunately, for our purposes only the first few names merit any serious attention.

In the DVD intro four cast-members are illustrated against their aliases: Mercy, Joey Murphy, Rudolf Rogers and (non-sex) Carlo de Nova.


  1. Katia, Katalin [8], Joey Murphy, Mike Foster
  2. Stella, Murphy. Followed by Jasmine and Mercy, nude but non-sex
  3. Jasmine, Murphy
  4. Jasmine, Murphy
  5. Katia, MF
  6. Petra, Murphy - softcore sex. Shot in near-darkness, her breasts are clearly seen but her pussy barely glimpsed
  7. Mercy, Olaf 'Tenner'. Hardcore, but - whether by accident or design - somewhat coyly-shot
  8. Ariana (brief anal), Tanner
  9. Ariana, Rudolf Rogers
  10. Jasmine, Murphy.

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