< Les Demoiselles de compagnie

Released: 1980
Director: Gilbert Roussel as James H. Lewis
Notes: France/Italy, Les Films du Chevain (Meudon) and Onorati Films (Rome) / Auroch France, 70 mins. (DIA/Ovide video) recent widescreen version 67 mins. Hard version of the unreleased title, Miss Karina.
Alternate Titles
  • Marina - het Och Villig Sweden, Baroness Videovision (BVV)
  • La Provinciale a lezione di sesso Dir. given as Gilbert Roussell Italian title, Italian video 76 mins
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Dominique Saint-Clair (as Domenic St. Clair in Italian credits, aka Gil Lagardère) plays Armand
  • Michel Duchazeau plays Dr. Aldo Moreno
  • Cyril Val (as Alain Plumey in Italian credits) plays Patrice
  • Gérard Brunello (as Brunello Chiodetti in Italian credits) plays Fregoli
  • Claude Pommier plays the barman, non-sex
  • Herbert Hofer plays the American, a scene cut short in the French version viewed
  • Pjotr Stansilas, only in later French video version, scene from Les Affamées
  • Hubert Géral, brief non-sex, only in later French video version, scene from Les Affamées
  • Gérard Houda, only in later French video version, scene from Les Affamées
  • Guy Berardent (the rapist with the helmet), only in later French video version, scene from Les Affamées

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm and skin flick.

The recent (?) French widescreen version differs significantly from the Italian video version from about 43 minutes in, with some totally different scenes and performers. It is also shorter. The Italian video version is identical to the original French theatrical release. Because of this, a detailed description of both versions seen has been attempted, anchored in the Italian version because the French version viewed is a conflation of two films.

Dom Pat (Karina) arrives in Rome by train. Takes a taxi and drops off her luggage at her hotel then takes the same taxi to visit Dominique Saint-Clair at his apartment (Armand - her cousin according to DizionHard). When she arrives Armand is about to have sex with his girlfriend (Mary Ramunno) and he sends her to answer the door, topless. Dom Pat leaves in confusion. Her taxi has left so she asks a neighbour or passer-by (Dr. Moreno) the way and sets off only to have her handbag snatched by a couple of thieves on a scooter. Dr. Moreno helps her and drives her to her hotel. In the Italian version this is intercut with the continuation of the sex scene between Armand and his girlfriend which is left out of the French version viewed.

Mysteriously, Armand has managed to reach her hotel first (??) and they go to her room where she takes a shower. The handbag has also mysteriously turned up.

Karina goes to a party with Dr. Moreno. This is hosted by Guya Lauri (elena Ripolini) and, in the French version viewed, but not in the Italian, Karina meets and dances with Armand. Lots of the other cast members are present too. Karina is attracted to Brunello Chiodetti (Fregoli) and follows him upstairs to a room where he is watching closed-circuit TV of the other guests having sex in various rooms. The door is ajar and he knows that she is peeking through the gap. We see the scenes watched on TV: 1. Nadine Roussial, in her favourite blue dress, masturbates on a bed watched by a man to whom she then gives a very sloppy blow job; 2. a lesbian scene on a bed between Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and XNK7710 using a spiral-shaped candle; 3. Armand makes love to his girlfriend, and 4. in the Italian version, the bgeinings of a scene between Guya Lauri and Karina's knight in shining armour, Dr. Moreno. (In the French version viewed, this last scene has been omitted and replaced by bringing forward a picnic scene which occurs later in the original release and the Italian version - see below.)

Karina returns to her hotel where a drunken American at the bar (Herbie Hofer) mistakes her for a prostitute. She slaps his face, but forgives him and they have sex in her room. However, the edits are very different between the two versions. In the French version viewed, more of the conversation at the bar is included and the scene ends abruptly just before the sex begins. The Italian version includes the full sex scene.

Mysteriously we then cut back to Armand waiting in Karina's hotel room while she takes a shower exactly as in the earlier scene. They then go off to a villa owned by Dr. Moreno. In the French version viewed, we do not see Armand at this point.

Moreno and Karina sit by the pool and she strips off and dives in. Meanwhile the rest of the party turns up - Guya Lauri (Elena), Cathy Dupré (Sandra), Mary Ramunno, Cyril Val (Patrice), an unidentified male and Armand who has presumably let them in. Elena helps Sandra to undress and Ramunno also strips off and has sex with the unidentifed male. (At this point the French version viewed diverges into scenes from Les Affamées - see below.) Karina goes indoors. Then the scene shifts to a rural setting, though we may be meant to think that this is part of the grounds of the villa. Elena, Sandra and Mary Ramunno have a lesbian threesome during a picnic, but Armand and Patrice creep up on them and join in. This is the scene that was included earlier in the French video version where we may have been meant to think that Fregoli was watching videos made earlier rather than closed-circuit TV. Part of this scene not included in the French video version, however, is Nadine Roussial having sex with a man against a tree.

We now see Fregoli driving Karina up to her hotel and driving off. But we then immediately see him in a scene with Karina, presumably in his home. She poses naked against a fireplace, giving us an uninterrupted view of her delightful derrière. They make love, play chess and make love again. (This comes earlier in the French video version - before the drunken American scene.) Karina returns to her hotel and meets several of the 'company' in the lobby, but goes upstairs alone where she finds a note. We see her making love to Fregoli (a flashback?) and then Dr. Moreno arrives. It turns out he is the one she wants.

Continuing with the French version viewed from where it significantly diverges (see above), apart from a few brief flashes of Karina and Fregoli, the succeeding footage is taken from Les Affamées. We see Pjotr Stanislas making love to Dom Pat on the floor. She is wearing red leather trousers and a thick sweater, not very suitable for Rome in summer. Then there is a scene in what seems to be the same room between Dominique Saint-Clair (male) and France Raygil (she in black top and pink trousers, he in a white jacket, the fire lit in the background). The Dom Pat, Bruno Chiodetti flashback footage (see above) follows. Then we see three men approaching a house. One (Guy Berardant) is wearing an orange crash helmet with the visor down, the middle one (Pjotr Stanislas in disguise) has a white flat cap over a black wig and false moustache, and the third is Gérard Houda with long-ish black hair. They gang bang Dom Pat who is spreadeagled on a patterned floor and puts up only token resistance. Then Pjotr Stan and Dominique Saint-Clair spit roast Laura Zanzibar, watched by Hubert Géral who is briefly seen (an editing mistake in failing to cut him out?). Finally Cyril Val, dressed in a straw hat, denim dungarees and a checked shirt takes Dom Pat doggy fashion. These scenes occur in a different order to that in the film from which they were taken.

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