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Released: 2003
Director: R. Meier as Rud Meyer (screen); J.C & RWM (cover)
Notes: Goldlight/RWM VideoDesign BQ/DVD-70; 101 min
  • Gia plays Azubi (apprentice) Yvonne
  • Jessica Love plays Hure (prostitute) Annika
  • Nicoletta Blue as Nicoletta, plays A. Schulte-Schnippich
  • Sabine [2] as Vickey Wet, plays"Pannengirl" (car trouble girl)
  • Amir von Hinne plays Bodo Brenner
  • J.J. plays Dieter Kowalsky
  • Jean Pallett plays (Geselle/journeyman) Hans
Notes and Reviews


  • male as G. Roland, plays Kunde (costumer)
  • R. Meier, non-sex, plays Chef
  • two males, brief non-sex, as Frank & Miro playing Gesellen (journeymen)


  1. Jessica Love (BJ, vag, facial), Amir von Hinne
  2. Gia (BJ, vag, facial), Jean Pallett
  3. Jessica Love (BJ, vag, facial), J.J.
  4. Nicoletta Blue (BJ, vag, anal, facial), Amir von Hinne
  5. Nicoletta Blue (BJ, vag, facial), J.J. (joining), G. Roland (receives a BJ, no CS and leaves)
  6. Sabine (masturbating, BJ, vag, self-fisting, facial), Jean Pallett (joining)

Scenes 1 + 2 and 5 + 6 are intercut


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