< Entrecuisses

Released: 1977
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard as Pierre Reinhard
Notes: Les Films du Palais Royal / Alpha France, 74 mins. (69 mins. on video), DVD Blue One as Possessions (66 mins.) with Les Délices de l'adultère and La Clinique des fantasmes
Alternate Titles
  • Heisse Schenkelspiele
  • Hot Thigh Games
  • Lahaie entrecuisses
  • Orgy in the Country
  • Possessions DVD on-screen title
  • Possessions! French re-issue title and VHS on-screen title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Willy Braque plays Hubert
  • Joël Charvier plays Éric
  • Guy Royer plays Jean-Charles
  • Stevie Stover, as Little Stevie Stover, plays Paul

In the VHS re-issue only Brigitte Lahaie is credited.

Brigitte Lahaie is splitting up with her husband (Willy Braque) acrimoniously and they are arguing about their possessions when a male friend arrives. The husband leaves and the friend consoles Brigitte. They invite over three couples including France Lomay and Guy Royer (with moustache) and an extended orgy develops including a game of hide and seek. During this the husband returns and sneaks into the house, where he has sex with France Lomay and a petite brunette (Annouchka) and then Brigitte Lahaie goes to bed with him thinking he is one of the other males. She gets the cute brunette to seduce him next day, seemingly in order to get him into the swinging lifestyle.

The other female is Samantha aka Geneviève Hue (as Sugartit here), who, among other liaisons takes on three of the men in the bathroom.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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