< Entrez vite... vite je mouille!

Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Alternate Titles
  • Porno pensieri stolen title on Italian video release
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacques Gatteau, as Divan Ledoux, plays Ernest, the postman
  • Cyril Val plays Monsieur Dupied
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Jean Rollin, as Michel Gentil, non-sex
  • Pjotr Stanislas (at least in the Italian video) in an inserted scene from from Orgies Adolescentes

Agnes (Cathy Stewart) is a maid working for Monsieur and Madame Dupied (Jenny Feeling). She wakes up at 6 am and washes her pussy after an early morning pee. This is time for the postman to come in and join her for some action in the bathroom. (That maid cap really suits Cathy Stewart!)

Meanwhile M. Dupied begins his day by inserting his horny organ into his still-sleeping wife who seems a bit bored with him. When Agnes comes into the bedroom, Mme Dupied goes to the bathroom and gives herself some pleasure (in the form of a dildo) while her husband satisfies his early craving with the maid who seems to be used to it. After the maid's departure we can see M. Dupied wearing women's underwear. Agnes goes to Valéry Martin's room and joins her in bed for some more tender moments. (As the copy is Italian, it is unclear what part Valerie Martin's is playing - a niece maybe?)

Agnes also pays friendly attention towards a man who seems confined to an armchair (Jean Rollin) and shows him her lovely bottom. Agnes and Valéry Martin's (oh does she look sexy in white with those pigtails!) dance together and there they are for some more pussy grabbing!

Later, as Agnes is busy cooking, a couple of friends (?) come in and the woman (Barbara Moose) immediately gets down to work on the man (Dominique Aveline). They are soon joined by M. Dupied and Agnès and the four of them have a nice time together on the rug.

All six characters (M. & Mme Dupied, the couple of friends, Agnès and Valéry Martin's) meet for a drink and some talking. At that moment we can see Agnes looking through the window and... The film switches to a scene from Orgies Adolescentes: Cathy Stewart welcomes Piotr Stan and gets to suck his tattoed penis (the name Adam becomes readable). They are joined by Dominique Aveline for a threesome on the sofa, followed by some spaghetti meal and the ensuing washing-up with Cathy Stewart under the sink blowing them off.

Back to the film: a caption reads 'La nuit tout dort paisiblement' - 'It's night and everybody is sleeping peacefully'. Agnes is busy in bed with Ernest when Valéry Martin's comes in the room and joins them. Her white clothes and ingenue look hint at her being a virgin. Not for long for Ernest will take care of that with some help from Agnès. Valery Martin's ends up with his prick up her ass. Not bad for a first time, is it?

Agnes flashes her ass at M. Dupied for some obscure reason, and draws Valéry Martin's to her side. Ernest enters the room and, after throwing the mail away, kisses both girls. Barbara Moose joins in on him and the whole scene turns into an orgy. (Valéry Martin's sucking on M. Dupied's cock clearly precludes her character being his daughter). Valéry Martin's mouth takes care of the man in the armchair (Jean Rollin) but this is only simulated as we can only see her from behind. The two of them fall in love and decide to leave M. & Mme Dupied together. The film end with Agnes winking at us.


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