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Released: 1981
Director: Elia Milonakos
Notes: Greece, Andromeda International Films, ca. 96 mins. Erotic adventure/soft porn, hard version may exist. Greek DVD release by New Star. English translation: "Erotic Passion".
Alternate Titles
  • Blue Passion
  • Erotic Passion
  • Pasion erotica Argentina, video title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Dimitris Tsaftaridis, as Takis Lados, plays Haris
  • Telis Stallone
  • Yiorgos Statiras
  • Stratos Zamidis
  • Yiorgos Krallis

Plot Summary –

Since her parents' death, 19-year-old Della has lived with her aunt Marsha and Andrew, her elderly husband. Marsha is planning to marry off Della to Stefanos, her lover's son, so as to keep control over the fortune that her niece has inherited. Della doesn't want to get married and starts having negative feelings about her sensual aunt. One morning she watches Marsha having sex with Alex, her husband's doctor. Soon afterwards, Della seduces him at the beach, in order to provoke Marsha, who watches them in despair from her window. The two women argue heavily, so that Della decides to leave the house, while Marsha seeks comfort from her young butler. Della finds refuge at the cottage of her friend Maria, situated amidst the woods of the Kalavrita area (in Peloponnesus), but Maria is gone, having rented the house to her cousin Haris and his lover Samantha, a beautiful black girl from Zaire. Della makes a pass at Haris, managing to infuriate Samantha. In the meantime, the local authorities are investigating the murder of Haris's business partner in Zaire, Steve Brynner. When all the evidence points to Haris, Della suggests a deal - she promises them $500,000 if they agree to murder Marsha and meanwhile she'll travel to Italy to get fake passports for the couple, enabling them to leave the country. With Haris being questioned by the local police, Samantha decides to take action on her own. She gets to Athens, has a one-night stand with a guy she meets in a night club (Stallone) and then gets acquainted with Marsha's husband. She seduces him and is about to have sex with him, in his own place, only to be found out by Marsha. Samantha kills both of them, manipulating the evidence so that it will all seem as a crime of passion between husband and wife. In the end, she meets Della and Haris, who are hiding in a secluded bay, having their own love affair. Being aware of their feelings, she decides to kill them both and run away with Della's money. Unfortunately for all of them, the police intervene just in time, having already been informed of the crime and the whole story by Marsha's butler.

Some remarks –

This is a nicely-shot film by Milonakos, certainly one of his best productions, involving a decent plot, beautiful girls and a variety of sex scenes. Despite having watched only the softcore version, it seems very likely that a hard version exists. The two sex scenes of Femi Benussi (with the doctor and the young butler) probably remained soft. But serious doubts are allowed for the sex scenes of Ajita Wilson with both Tsaftaridis and Stallone. (The latter scene is completely cut, but what on earth were these two supposed to do after having danced all night and got involved in some heavy flirting? Note also that Stallone appears in the film only in that scene.) There are doubts also for the scenes of Polish girl Monica Nickel with both the doctor (on the beach) and Tsaftaridis (three sex scenes in all: in the cottage, in the woods and in the secluded bay). Vanessa Danou makes a brief (somewhat irrelevant) appearance in this film, caressing herself while taking a shower.


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