< L'Éducation d'Orphelie

Released: 1981
Director: Michel Ricaud and Joe Wallach
Notes: Ulrich Geismar Productions et Les films de Michel Ricaud, Eroticon Films, Laura Video, 58 minutes, perhaps a longer version exists as the editing seems abrupt
Alternate Titles
  • Education Anglaise Laura Video and Concorde Video
  • L'Éducation d'Ophelia
  • L'Éducation d'Orfelia
  • Intiiation Anglaise d'Orphelie
  • Orfelias Erotika Uppfostran Sweden
Notes and Reviews

Males (there may be more than one version of the credits)-

  • Jean-Pierre Armand (as Arnold Lund) plays the chauffeur
  • Jean Charles (or Didier Leroy plays Charles)
  • Alain Martin plays 'Maitre'
  • Carlo Rossi
  • Peter Newman
  • Guy Royer, not so credited, is one of the last two above

One of the females, credited as Daphne Perin or Laura Koch in one version, wears a mask and appears only in the final scene.

Orfelia has just been married to a rich villa-owner. As he thinks she is not experienced enough in sexual matters, he sends her to a castle, where she will get a 'decent' sexual education by a couple. Here Catherine Ringer plays the mistress.

First we have a lenghty love scene between Orfelia and her husband in the garden. Then we see her masturbating in the car before arriving at the castle. Here she is dressed up by Marianne Aubert who gives her an oil-treatment. There follows a lesbian scene between the two. Then Orfelia is put in chains before three men (one is Royer). Then we have a scene where two girls are blindfolded and attached to a hat stand (!). They are treated by the three guys. Then we have Aubert who blows Jean-Pierre Armand and is taken in the ass by him. Then two girls are forced to piss in the garden. Next, Ringer sucks Armand's dick and is being sodomised by him. Afterwards he pisses in her mouth. Now Armand fucks and sodomises little Ophelia. Then follows a nice scene in which all the performers take care of the body of Ophelia. Education successfully completed, the film ends.

The film starts with a scene where Ophelia runs away, is caught by Ringer who forces her to suck her clit. This scene should obviously be somewhere in the middle of the movie to make this scene match with the story.


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