< L'Esclave du désir, innocente et pervertie

Released: 1984
Director: Jean-Luc Brunet as Bruce J. Lean
Alternate Titles
  • Evil Mistress
  • Le Fruit du désir Colmax DVD
  • Slave to Desire
  • Versklavt und der Lust geopfert West Germany, Ribu
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Yves Callas plays Edouard
  • Alban Ceray plays Xavier
  • Jacky Jack plays Gaston
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Bernard
  • Henri Bernardeau plays Duprimeau (non-sex)

There is also a couple passing by Xavier's parked car where he has left the car phone broadcasting Nathalie's obscene phone call.

Much of the following is guesswork, but it seems that business woman Nathalie is having an affair with Xavier. They have an argument when he suggests she become a maid at a country mansion and take part in the sex games that go on there. She covers his face with her dessert, but she later changes her mind and applies for the position. Anne-Sophie is the mistress there and Xavier seems to be living with her. Edouard is the butler and Gaston is the gardener. Valerie is also living there, maybe a daughter or a niece, and she has a governess who spanks her for wolf whistling Bernard. Nathalie consoles her and together they watch through the crack in the door as Xavier gets Anne-Sophie to give the butler a blow job. Bernard visits a couple of times (he seems to have been a business associate of Nathalie’s), the second time with his wife (?) Charlotte. Anne-Sophie seems to delight in perverse games such as chess with forfeits, and the servants follow her example, the butler making Nathalie have sex with the gardener while he watches, but at the end the tables are turned as Anne-Sophie loses all her money on the stock market and she becomes the maid and Nathalie and Edouard the mistress and master, forcing Anne-Sophie to go down on her and have sex with Edouard.

The Colmax DVD, titled Le Fruit du Désir, is, or was when first released, the soft version.

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