< Elixir

Released: 2001
Director: John B. Root
Notes: JBR Media (France)
Alternate Titles
  • Das Liebes Elixier Tabu DVD. German
Notes and Reviews


  • Francesco Malcom, plays Francesco
  • Titof, plays Nemo
  • Tristan, plays Alex
  • Ian Scott, plays Ian
  • Sebastian Barrio, plays Moulinex

Notes by previews (see also here). All sex is condomed.

Three French couples are holidaying in Greece: Charlotte and Francesco, Loulou and Nemo, and Penelope and Alex. At their hotel they meet hostess Adriana, owner of a love-potion obtained from a witch...

  1. Scene des ruines. Valerie (pee, BJ), Anett (anal), Judith, Ian Scott.
  2. Scene de la Princess Loulou. Loulou, Mathilda, Fyona (all les).
  3. Scene du diable. Olivia (DP, facial), Judith, Fyona, Malcom, Barrio.
  4. Scene du chantier. Valerie (anal), Scott.
  5. Gang-bang lesbiennes. Anett, Céline, Fyona, Judith, Loulou, Mathilda (pee), Olivia (all les).
  6. Cha-cha. Loulou and Titof share a double-ended dildo.
  7. Scene de Loulou at le bergers. Loulou, Titof, Tristan.
  8. Scene des blanchisseuses. Olivia (BJ-only, facial), Anett (anal facial), Celine (facial), Fyona (facial), Lola (facial), Malcom.
  9. Les jours suivants. Sea, sex and sun (all intercut). Valerie (mild BDSM), Scott; Anett, Céline, Fyona, Judith, Mathilda (all les); Anett (pee), Fyona (pee); Olivia (BJ-only), Celine (BJ-only), Malcom, Barrio; Loulou (BJ-only), Titof, Tristan.
  10. 3 devant 2 derriere. Anett, Céline, Fyona, Judith, Loulou, Mathilda (fisting), Olivia, Valerie (anal), Malcom, Titof, Tristan, Scott, Barrio. All girls take facials.

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