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Released: 1995
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri (?)
Notes: Nicky Ranieri Productions, DVD Colmax, no on-screen credits
Notes and Reviews

A movie very much in the same style as Viva Dalila with which it shared a Colmax DVD, but with Rebecca Lord being the interviewee linking otherwise unconnected scenes either from other films or previously unreleased. iafd does not have an entry under this title, but it does have an entry for the Goldlight release Erotic pur Rebecca Lord. This iafd entry has more cast and no scene breakdown, but it seems likely that the Colmax release is part of the same film.

Males -

  • Richard Lengin
  • Jean-Yves LeCastel
  • Wilfried de Renzi (probably)
  • Jolth Walton

Scenes in the Colmax DVD:

  1. Julia Chanel, Richard Lengin, joined by Rebecca Lord
  2. Charly Spark, Richard Lengin and another male (probably Wilfried de Renzi)
  3. Julia Chanel materialises in a kitchen where Richard Lengin and Jean-Yves LeCastel are talking
  4. Jolth Walton looks on while Anita Rinaldi and Anastasia have g/g sex before turning their attentions to him

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