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Released: 1978
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: France: La Persane Productions / Alpha France, 78 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Engel der Lust Germany, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD
  • L'Infirmière re-release title, VHS 75 mins, DVD Blue One, 72 mins., with Prison tres speciale pour femmes and Bourgeoise et... pute
  • The Nurse
  • Private Nurse USA, same film?
  • Jenny Feeling as Agnès (Agnes Lemercier in the Blue One DVD credit, Agnes Delon in German release), plays Ange, the nurse
  • Lucette Gill uncredited, non-sex, plays a woman giving condolences at the funeral
  • Marie-Dominique Cabannes as Marie-Dominique Cabanne (as M.D. Cabanne in the DVD end credits), plays Carole Lambert
  • Marion Schultz plays the masked blonde
  • Micky Love plays Évelyne
  • Nathalie Perrey as Nathalie, non-sex, plays Dorothée Richemond, the widow
Notes and Reviews

Written by Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac.

The credits are more comprehensive in the VHs release, presuambly the original ones, than on the DVD.

Males -

  • Patrice Chéron plays Bernard Lambert (son of the patient)
  • Gilbert Servien plays Charles Lambert (the patient)
  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays Peter (the chauffeur)
  • Joël Charvier plays Olivier (seems to be the son or nephew of the patient)
  • Alban Ceray plays the husband of the masked woman
  • Daniel Bellus plays Patron Tabac (owner of the café), non-sex
  • Dominique Aveline plays Un Militaire (soldier in the café)
  • André Miller, as Franck, plays 2ème Militaire (second soldier in the café)
  • Guy Bonnafoux plays Monsieur Richemond (first patient/victim)

Extras in the funeral scene (?) include Alain, Loic, Madame Bonnafoux, Gérard and several more.

Agnès Lemercier (Jenny Feeling) is a nurse who specialises in being hired by wives to hasten the deaths of their old or infirm husbands by fucking them to death. This is established before the credits as we see her riding a bearded patient, followed by a funeral party, followed by the widow writing her a cheque for 60,000 francs.

After the titles, we then see the goings on in the next family. Marie-Dominique Cabanne (Carole, the wife of the patient), sexually frustrated as her husband is sick, goes off to a bar and sucks off two soldiers. Micky Love (Evelyne, the wife of Bernard, and the daughter-in-law of patient) has sex with her husband but is so bored she smokes a cigarette right through it.

Agnès arrives by train and is fetched by the chauffeur. She gets to work on the husband immediately by changing out of her travelling clothes and into her uniform in front of him. However, she doesn't restrict herself to the patient. She has a lesbian fling with his wife on emerging from the shower and teases Bernard.

Cut to a Paris apartment where Olivier (another son or a nephew of the patient) is having sex with a masked blonde. The blonde's husband Alban Ceray arrives and joins in, but the threesome becomes a twosome again as the son dashes off to visit his sick father in the country. It isn't long before Agnès has him too. Then she discovers Evelyne having sex with the chauffeur in the Rolls and finds Bernard drunk in the village bar and 'consoles' him in the back room.

Then she goes to work on the patient again and everyone else in the house goes at it while she does so - the daughter-in-law with the chauffeur and the (step-)mother with the second son or nephew.

However, the nurse's ministrations lead to the patient's recovery and he runs away with her. But does she then seek to achieve her purpose by other means?

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